CFX Quantum Churns Out Its Innovative Neobank

London, UK, 29 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, With the advancements that are overtaking the finance world such as blockchain technology, there is the need for an innovative Neobank to handle the financial needs of people effortlessly. CFX Quantum is creating a Neobank, which operates exclusively online, taking out the need for brick and mortar offices. The Neobank realm is a new one with the potential to grow massively, especially with the growth of internet banking, blockchain technology, Decentralized Finance and other revolutionary financial functionalities. CFX Quantum has begun its Neobank 01QUANTUM project in Europe, with plans to expand to other parts of the world as time elapses. The expansion rate will be based on some financial and operational factors. Its Neobank regime begins in Spain and Italy, with plans of expanding to every corner of the European Union market within a year. The Neobank will function effectively with a seamless mobile banking interface and the Optherium’s issued prepaid card. To ensure that CFX’s Neobank is efficient, it is partnering with one of the best in the digital finance realm, Optherium.

CFX Partners With Optherium Labs

CFX partners with only the best in whatever niche it finds itself in, and Optherium Labs possesses the necessary experience in blockchain technology. Under its belt, Optherium Labs has an intriguing financial provider partner network. The partnership allows users of CFX’s Neobank to enjoy a league of financial products and services that is unseen anywhere else, which is powered by innovative underlying blockchain technology. Safe, affordable and digital banking is feasible with the Neobank.

CFX’s Neobank Functionalities

CFX’s Neobank is designed to offer digital banking features that solve the issues that are common with the traditional banking world. It has a white label web and mobile digital banking app that works with the underlying Optherium blockchain, AI and Smart-contracts technology.


IBAN is the acronym for the International Bank Account Number, and it is the peculiar identifier of different bank accounts, whereby users can carry out international transactions easily. A typical IBAN possesses every needed detail of the bank account’s owner like the account number, country, bank and so on. The length of IBAN may not be uniform, but it does not exceed thirty-four characters. The individual accounts in CFX’s Neobank have IBANs, which makes it easy for users to carry out transactions. CFX’s validation system ensures that the details of the IBAN are validated automatically.

CFX’s Neobank is connected to the ACH, Automated Clearing House, an electronic funds transfer network that permits the inter-bank clearing of credit and debit transactions. With the ACH, CFX can exchange information with other banks and financial ecosystems.

• Virtual And Plastic Multicurrency Debit Card

CFX partnership with Optherium will ensure that its Neobank’s users will have access to a virtual and plastic multicurrency debit card. It is opting for a Mastercard, permitting users to carry out seamless transactions globally. With the CFX’s Neobank debit card, its holders can purchase items and services globally, pay bills and carry out other seamless transactions. The virtual and plastic debit card is multicurrency, meaning that it is denominated in major fiat and cryptocurrencies.

• The Neobank will offer international and domestic transfers.

Everyone craves for a banking system that allows them to easily transfer within their locality and to people living globally within the twinkling of an eye. The international transaction can be nerve-wracking to many because of the intense red tapes that they have to scale through before the transaction is done. CFX’s Neobank solves this effortlessly. With the innovative app, users can easily carry out transactions.

• Card To Card Transfers is feasible with CFX’s Neobank.

Imagine a world, where people can easily make card-to-card transfers without stressing themselves. With CFX’s Neobank, this is feasible. All a user needs to do is use the app, and before they can utter, ‘Jack Robinson’, the transaction is completed.

• Seamless User Interface

The application of CFX’s Neobank has a seamless user interface, which makes the entire process worthwhile. User interface on the app is designed to make the navigation easy for everyone, even a kid. It is interactive and designed to make users feel at home. The app also possesses a payment gateway with numerous methods, from cryptocurrencies down to fiat currencies. Mobile payment is now an easy activity with CFX’s Neobank.