Dr. Chrispin Ntungo Shares His Experience in His Inspiring Reference, “Well Disciplined to Excel: The Immigrant’s Dream – Challenges and Strategies for Doing Well”

Genre: Community/Family/Immigrant Professional
Target Audience: Immigrant professionals, immigrant youth and students, community leaders

About the Author
Dr. Chrispin Ntungo first arrived in Canada in 1988. He eventually immigrated from Zambia to Canada in 1999. He holds a doctorate degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba. He has worked for the City of Winnipeg for almost 20 years in the field of Assessment and Taxation. He has advised immigrants and helped them to successfully settle since leaving Graduate School in 1996. He is the successful founder and director of Thursday with Chrispin Ntungo (TwCN) (2004), The OOOO Winnipeg Song Company (2018) and Ntungo Noble Projects, Inc. (2016). He is an active member of the community serving as Director on several Boards and as Board Chair for a couple of Boards including an arts organization and a school.