Hong Kong – Chinese-style graduation parade for Customs Youth Leader Corps Summer Training Camp 2022 held (with photos)

Chinese-style graduation parade for Customs Youth Leader Corps Summer Training Camp 2022 held (with photos)


     ​Hong Kong Customs ran the Customs Youth Leader Corps Summer Training Camp 2022 this week (August 15 to 19) and the graduation parade was held today (August 20) at the Hong Kong Customs College. The Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, inspected a Chinese-style foot drill performed by 85 members who have completed the training.

     Mr Tang presented Best Recruit Awards to participants for their outstanding performance in recognition of their achievements during the training camp. Also, 18 senior leaders were each presented a Certificate of Promotion. 

     The Customs Youth Leader Corps is a youth uniformed group established under a programme called “Customs YES” and the training camp is one of the group’s key activities. With a rich content, the training camp enables members to undergo training in Chinese-style foot drill, physical fitness and leadership. They also learned about national history and developed an awareness of respecting the rule of law through different seminars, such as a sharing session on President Xi Jinping’s important speech and a seminar on the Basic Law and the National Security Law.

     The training camp also included a variety of workshops and group activities to help members discover their talents and enhance self-confidence as well as foster team spirit and leadership abilities, which helped them to set a clear goal and lay a solid foundation for their personal development in the future.

     “Customs YES” aims to assist young people to achieve whole-person development and to cultivate positive values and law-abidingness through diverse activities in four areas, namely “Calibre”, “Customs”, “Community” and “Country”. As of August this year, over 2 300 young individuals aged between 12 and 24 have become members of “Customs YES”.

     Apart from the training camp, “Customs YES” will also organise a Summer Internship Programme during every summer vacation to enable members to find the direction for their long-term personal development through internship opportunities. More than 80 internship positions have been offered by the programme this year, covering different posts within Customs, as well as posts in different sectors, such as creative media, innovative technology, logistics and transportation, property management and catering and retail.

     In the future, Customs will continue to organise varied activities through “Customs YES” to help young people to gain a clear understanding of themselves and to develop a better understanding of society. Upon the easing of the epidemic situation, exchange tours to the Greater Bay Area and the Mainland will also be held to guide young people to broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the various opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and the country.