New Book “The Chimes of Westminster” Follows Author Jim Haigler as He Sets Off Across the Country to Fulfill His Need to Travel & Experience the World

 Fulton Books author Jim Haigler, a veteran of the Air Force, has completed his most recent book, “The Chimes of Westminster”: a gripping account that follows the author as he sets off across the country to fulfill his need to travel and experience all the world has to offer.

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, author Jim Haigler yearned to see what lay outside of his comfortable but small world. He joined the Air Force thinking this would allow him to see the world, but never wound up leaving the United States. Instead, after leaving the military unsatisfied, Haigler traveled around the country seeking sites unseen to expand his worldview.

“This is a true story about an adventure-loving Vietnam era veteran,” writes Haigler. “He returns home to a postwar depression and finds gainful employment almost nonexistent, so he sets out to see the world on his own terms. He left behind the security of his little hometown of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. He made life-changing decisions at every turn without any plan or direction. He saw life from ground level forming the path of his destiny. Life is defined by the choices we make.”

Jim Haigler



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