Crypto Chicks Reaches Resolution with Artist Amanda Costa Regarding Image from Original Collection

SEATTLEJune 14, 2022PRLog — Crypto Chicks, a generative NFT art collection featuring women of diverse backgrounds, has announced today that it has reached an amicable resolution with artist Amanda Costa. In early 2022, an allegation surfaced that an image from the “OG” collection launched by the Crypto Chick’s founding team was similar to a piece of Costa’s work titled “Karma”. It sparked an immediate internal inquiry, which resulted in the full departure of the founding team. As the new leadership team took the reigns, they kicked off a series of proactive improvement efforts, including the recent resolution with Costa as the original artist of “Karma”.

“It was shocking and devastating to learn of the allegation with the original collection as it directly contrasts with our ethos and values at Crypto Chicks,” said newly appointed Crypto Chicks CEO Elissa Maercklein. “While we were not involved in the collection’s creation, finding a resolution was important to us and our community. We are thrilled to have an amicable conclusion.”

“Our mission and goal at Crypto Chicks is to elevate and support women in Web3,” added Madeline Lieber, new COO at Crypto Chicks. “From the moment we learned about the issue with the original collection, we took action. We are happy that we’ve reached a solution with Amanda and are excited about what’s next together and for our communities.”

As a women-led, generative NFT collection, Crypto Chicks is dedicated to building a global brand and community that empowers women in web3 under its new leadership team. The organization manages a number of programs that support women artists financially, provide skillset development opportunities for designers, and create productive spaces for women in the industry to connect – both across industry events and Metaverse pop ups.

In addition to resolution with the artist and leadership change, a USA-based entity was created by the new team. The organization has also established processes to help prevent and address future issues with creators and collections, including a community council, advisory board and other efforts. The resolution includes funds from the Crypto Chicks team and community to help support Costa’s future career, as well as advocacy for her upcoming Fenix project.

“This has been very difficult for me, but I’m appreciative that the new Crypto Chicks leadership team acknowledged my misfortune in this space and chose to support me ,” Costa said. “This has brought me to the NFT space to meet some incredible people, and I am very excited to launch my new project, Fenix, which will be meaningful in changing my life and financially supporting me as an artist.”

“Art and business integrity concerns have been prevalent in Web3 as organizations and creators navigate this new and nascent space,” added Maercklein. “We hope that our experience can serve as guidance to further our industry’s, and creators’, growth and success.”

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