launches Voluntary Offsets Price Window has unveiled the Voluntary Offset Price Window (VOPW) for insight into pricing and transactions of carbon offset credits, or voluntary emission reductions (VERs). It has partnered with the most responsible and forward-thinking intermediaries with the joint aim of providing this visibility to the market.

The CaliforniaCarbon Voluntary Offsets Price Window is built on real-world transaction data and allows users to investigate offset market trends in a specific and granular manner – zooming in on the exact submarkets that concern their business. This first-of-its-kind, interactive platform empowers users to select varying offset characteristics and customise their own visualisations for a full understanding of market prices and volumes.

The platform enables market participants to scrutinise and question the offset market in a more informed way, to be more discerning buyers and to know why they are paying more for higher quality and genuine carbon offsets.

The VCM is often described as a highly opaque market, in which the same offset can generate vastly different prices between different retailers. A lack of available pricing data in the market has led to inadequate information for many of the non-regular market players; this results in an inefficient functioning of the market, and at times an exploitation of the buyers’ lack of knowledge. This is where the Voluntary Offset Price Window (VOPW) comes in to redress this balance in providing insight into this opaque and complex marketplace.

The state-of-the-art platform allows users to view credits based on the following criteria: protocol type, region of credit origin, vintage year, market segment, registry, date of trade, year of credit delivery and trade volume; this allows for full flexibility in viewing credit price performance.

The user can then generate average price graphs for a highly specific selection of offset characteristics, giving them the most accurate and precise reflection of the desired space within the greater carbon offset market which will allow for informed and rational decision-making.

For project developers, the simple price window view will empower the user:

  1. To ensure that they are selling their credits at the right market price.
  2. To inform of the potential returns to investors for future projects.
  3. To make the best decisions in project development:
  • Which registries are most attractive?
  • How valuable are certified co-benefits?
  • How should they divide and tranche out their offsets for sales?
  • Which regions to focus on for project identification? etc.

For credit buyers, the VO pricing window will allow the user:

  1. To ensure that they are buying credits at a credible price.
  2. To compare and contrast different offset types to understand how these variations will impact the cost of credit purchases.
  3. To understand historic trends in credit pricing and to provide an indication of how recent trade prices may be indicative of future price hikes or falls.

For offset intermediaries, the pricing suites will enable:

  1. Benchmarking by comparing their credit purchase and sale prices with other offset developers, intermediaries and buyers.
  2. To understand the profit margins that currently exist between developers and retailers.

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