Linda Cagle tells the tale of a daughter longing for a father sent off to war in her book Finding My Daddy

In a world wrought by war, Linda Cagle shares the emotional story of a daughter waiting for her father to come home.

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“Please always know your families miss you tremendously and appreciate your sacrifice.” – Linda Cagle.

War is a ruthless and tragic time in the lives of those who witness it. Unfortunately for humanity, history is riddled with it. War takes the lives of those involved and even the civilians caught in the crossfire. In Linda Cagle’s “Finding My Daddy”, a daughter’s life is changed when war ravages the world and her father is sent off to active duty.

“Finding My Daddy” deals with the aftermath of the grief of a young daughter as her father is shipped off to war somewhere. Trinity, the main protagonist of the story, is a daddy’s little girl who will do all that she can to find and see him again. Now that she has experienced the heartache of missing her father, who is away, she cannot stop thinking about the time they will reunite.

Linda Cagle writes from the perspective of a child, and she is able to successfully convey the innocent heartache that is bound within her pure intentions. She shows the perspective as they wait and wonder aloud as to when their parent will return, especially those that are away for long periods of time.

Cagle dedicated this book to all military personnel who deal with the pain of leaving their families behind and sacrificing their regular lives upon being called for active duty. She also dedicated this to her son, Chad.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Finding My Daddy”

Author | Linda Cagle

Genre | Literary Fiction

Publisher | Page Turner

Published date | April 14, 2022

Book Retail Price| $13.99

Author Bio

Linda Cagle is a retired purchasing manager who spends her time between Oregon, Washington, and Georgia. She works part-time for JB House Calls & Primary Care, LLC out of Goodyear, Arizona. She has three children, nine grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Her favorite pastime is walking her pitt/boxer Murphy.