Howard Caesar, Certified Executive Consultant, Life Coach, and Bestselling Author Invites Us to Learn the Spiritual Principles to Success in His Book

Have you ever felt insufficient while doing everything you can to achieve a goal? Have you ever felt destined to stay at your current level of mediocrity? Maybe you’re going about things the wrong way.
Howard Caesar, a certified executive consultant, life coach, and bestselling author, has been lecturing, educating, and inspiring audiences with his transforming spiritual truths. In his book, “Life’s Formula for Fulfillment: One + One is One,” he provides a life-changing principle that lies at the heart of every soul’s real spiritual goal for this lifetime.
With his motto, Life is Meant to Be Good, and his four decades of in-depth experience leading people toward their full potential, Caesar weaves a book that will help unlock life’s full potential through current and ancient principles based on science, psychology, and spirituality. Readers will be guided along a road of expansive understanding, inspiration, and possibilities for your life via stories and examples. It will create a more profound connection with knowledge of life, its source, and everyone’s part in it in a very personal way. While being taken into the core of life as it is supposed to be lived, readers may want to laugh or shed a tear at times.
The first edition of the book received a stellar rating on Amazon, garnering a 4.9/5 rating. One of the numerous comments left:
“This is a fabulous book full of inspirational stories that will be sure to make you laugh and maybe cry. Howard Caesar is a master teacher who uses New Thought principles to lead us to a better, happier life. Readers of any faith will enjoy and appreciate this book. It is an easy, enjoyable book to read and it might just change your life. I recommend it very highly.”
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Life’s Formula for Fulfillment: One + One is One
Author: Howard Caesar
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: September 2021
Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles › Theology

About the Author:
Howard Caesar has been speaking, teaching and inspiring audiences with his transformational spiritual messages since his twenties. Recognized as a leader in his fi eld, he has served and built two large ministries, the most recent being Houston, Texas where he served for 30 plus years. His positive, practical, progressive approach to spirituality has empowered thousands of people to live happier, more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

He has traveled the world, led pilgrimages to other lands, presenting uplifting messages to tens of thousands via radio, TV, and the internet, always communicating inclusivity, diversity, love and oneness.

Howard and his wife, Diane, have three grown children, three grandchildren and reside in Sugar Land, Texas.