Vantera Coffee Bean Company Thrives by Its Mantra: “Build the Business, That Builds the People, Who Tells the Stories, That Builds Hope”

 “Our mission is to develop great coffees with and for the exceptional chef and taste master Chef Kelvin, and so far, the reviews on our coffee have been exceptional,” says Don Polk, the executive chairman of VCBC. “Helping young people develop and grow businesses by providing them with the needed support to develop economically and to build up their communities, are among our core values,” he added. Vantera Coffee Bean Company (VCBC) deals directly with farmers in Ethiopia through their sister companies based in Ethiopia, and consistently maintain strict quality of their coffee beans. They primarily deal with Ethiopian coffee and as such, have a vested interest in the wellbeing of Ethiopian farmers. VCBC shareholders include Vantera Holding Corp, Gaim Hagos, an entrepreneur and native of Ethiopia, and Vantera Commodities Group LLC who is an evolving market leader in the commodity trading of crude oil, refined petroleum products, precious metals such as GOLD/Au and PLATINUM/Pt and high quality gemstones such as rough and polished diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and opals.

Vantera Coffee Bean Company “is committed to deal solely with high quality green coffee beans, and as such, has a vested interest in the wellbeing of the farmers,” says Gaim Hagos, chief operating officer. Hagos further explained, “we also have a social, ethical, moral, paternal, maternal, and ancestral obligation to support our farms and workers. We have a special affinity to the women who work for and with us and have developed a program that will enrich, grow, and protect the life, future, education, health and net worth of and for women and their children. This initiative launched in Ethiopia early February 2022.”

Vantera delivers outstanding, and on-trend coffee and cappuccino flavors in addition to high-quality green coffee beans, professional roasting, and blending – to satisfy the extremely great taste standards of its clients and their customers.

In addition, beginning in July 2022, VCBC will provide full equipment solutions to its customers, including a variety of coffee brewers, liquid coffee and cappuccino machines, espresso machines, iced tea brewers, and specialty equipment.

About Vantera Coffee Bean Company

Vantera Coffee Bean Company, (VCBC), a majority African and Black American owned company, which was initially started in early 2020 by some of the Vantera Holding Corp and Haileslassie Ambaye Industries executives, is managed by a group of highly skilled and experienced men and women who comprise over 40 years of coffee industry experience. VCBC, (a member of Vantera Commodities Group, LLC family of companies), was established for the purpose of the development, production, sales and distribution of high-quality coffee beans. Haileslassie Ambaye, who was the founding chairman of Vantera, brought over 25 years of invaluable coffee business experience and expertise to the Vantera startup. After the majority of VCBC was recently acquired by Vantera Holding Corp, Don Polk, who was vice chairman of VCBC, became the executive chairman of Vantera. The company is also owned by a major leading Ethiopian coffee producer and a leading Ethiopian logistics company.

The original coffee company was founded by Ethiopian American family members, selling Ethiopian specialty coffee primarily to the distributors under the Hydasey Coffee label. Under the private labels of high-profile customers, various trade styles or under Vantera Coffee Bean Company (VCBC). Don Polk, who is also the company’s interim president & chief executive officer, stated in an interview, “we aim is to be a primary ‘go-to’ company for the best coffee Ethiopia has to offer, as well as other high-quality coffees grown in Africa or other regions throughout the world. We source our green coffee beans directly from thousands of farmers through our in-country based sourcing companies or partners. We are directly involved in every step of the way until the final green or roasted beans are delivered to our customers. We ensure and deliver consistent quality by maintaining strict quality control on the ground via vertical integration.”


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RAX World Builds a Place in the Metaverse for Action-Sport Adrenaline Chasers to Call Home

 RAX World, an action sports talents and creators’ focused blockchain platform, unveils its plan to connect the action sports fans and tastemakers to launch its NFT collections & metaverse destination, connecting fans to the sports and influencers in unprecedented ways.

“It’s always been hard for the action sports community to gather,” says Ali Gursoy, Co-founder and CEO of RAX World. “We are creating a place in the Metaverse where you’ll get the chance to not only experience and share some of action sports talents & creators’ most epic moments, but also to interact with like-minded people and even the athletes themselves in a hyper-real environment. This hasn’t been possible before the Metaverse.”

RAX World launches next month and will be revealing its upcoming projects with athletes and events in action sports over the next eight weeks. The Company will have a full suite of products, starting with NFTs that will give fans exclusive access to many of their favorite athletes, creators, content, and experiences, followed by multiple DAOs and an interactive Metaverse destination.

Gursoy said, “Imagine being able to be face-to-face with your favorite athlete, weighing in on the future of the sport. Or having an out-of-body experience as you soar through a nature-defying sports arena, watching your athlete in action from the best possible vantage. Or partying with fans and artists around the globe. It’s going to be Mad.”

RAX World is bringing the action sports talents, creators, and fans communities together and is putting them in control of their future. Gursoy added, “The only question the community will ask is, ‘What should we do next?'”

About RAX World

Rax is an action sports and entertainment blockchain platform committed to providing talents, partners, and users with a transparent web 3.0 ecosystem enabling the communities to create recurring revenues and connect with like-minded communities.

Please visit to learn more.

RAX World Limited

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Spaceium Builds One-Stop Payment Platform for E-commerce and Cryptocurrency Traders

  • Spaceium sets to change the way people interact and transfer money daily. Provides simplified blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.

Trondheim, Norway, 16 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry expands, people are looking for easier, cheaper, and secure means to trade.  Spaceium is therefore building a platform that both establishes connections between people, merchants, and companies and provides a faster, securer, and decentralized solution for payment processing for their customers. The platform offers a wide range of solutions that lets users easily pay, receive payment, and transfer funds globally, anywhere, and anytime with a small fee or for free.

Spaceium aims to make blockchain and cryptocurrency easy while boosting a global transition to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With a global transition as this, Spaceium is redefining how blockchain, cryptocurrency, and people interact with each other. By making blockchain solutions easy, people can have control of their assets which gives them the ability to access and spend their funds anytime and anywhere.

By allowing a range of payment gateways such as SpacePay, Bank accounts, Debit & Credit cards, and point-of-sale solutions, users can easily accept crypto and fiat currencies in any preferred asset. Users also have access to an easy-to-use and fully custodial wallet to safely store and transfer between cryptocurrency wallets as they prefer. For sustainability, users will be able to easily stake coins or start masternodes to support the network and enjoy unique rewards such as paying zero fees for transactions.

With Spaceium’s Centralised Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX), network participants also known as “peers,” can interact and transact directly with one another. The e-commerce and marketplace solution makes it easier for users and merchants to actively sell and physical and virtual products globally without having to pay large fees to sell products/services online. The digital ownership solution easily and seamlessly initiates transfers and provides digital ownership for products that users buy from the marketplace. This legitimizes the process of reselling products in an honest, transparent, and uncomplicated way.

Spaceium ensures that all its solutions are simplified, secured, and carried out with integrity. With a simplified start-up process, users can easily get on board and start using the Spaceium platform. Built on value propositions such as community, low to zero fees, verification, and transparency, merchants will go through a thorough verification process to ensure that products are services in the marketplace are offered by legitimate companies. With low to zero fees, merchants will be able to receive more funds without a high charging middleman.

“Spaceium’s vision is to change the way we interact and transfer money with each other on a daily basis. Spaceium has built a payment processing system built for the users. Imagine a world where you can use money as you want, how you want and whenever you want with low/free fees and instant transaction times. At the point of your fingertip, you are in charge of changing the world,” says Founder and CEO, Nils-Julius Byrkjeland.

About the Founders

Founder and CEO/CTO, Nils-Julius Byrkjeland has been in the crypto space since the age of 13. He created his first business with Benjamin at 14, building websites and apps. He has the most technical and critical knowledge for blockchain development, economics and infrastructure for building advanced technology. Apart from working on Spaceium, he is currently studying psychology.

Co-founder & CMO/CPO, Kåre Benjamin Byrkjeland started his first company when he was 15 years old together with Nils-Julius. He is a professional athlete and investor in property, stocks and crypto. Benjamin is a junior partner in an online crypto casino.

Co-founder & CFO, Isak Håkon Caldwell has been a successful property investor since the age of 18 and is now the CEO of a successful carpentry company. With great economics experience and critical thinking Isak knows what it takes to run a successful business.

For more information, visit website:

KOMBAI Inu Builds the Ecosystem to the Benefit of Its Community

Sunday, 13 June 2021, 00:00 HKT/SGT

BYD Builds One-millionth New Energy Passenger Car

BYD is celebrating a significant production milestone by becoming one of the first new energy vehicle manufacturers globally to produce one million electric passenger cars. The one-millionth car, the Han EV, rolled off the production line today at BYD’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

VIPs from government departments, industry associations, BYD’s partners and suppliers

At BYD’s global headquarters, car owners assembled their vehicles in a specially choreographed display forming the number ‘1,000,000’ to help celebrate the milestone

Rolf Petter Almklov, Commercial Counsellor, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD at the ceremony

At a special ceremony this week, VIPs from government departments, industry associations, BYD’s partners and suppliers, more than 400 media guests, and about 100 BYD vehicle owners, gathered to mark the occasion.

The landmark moment in BYD’s history coincides with the announcement that the first batch of 100 pure-electric BYD Tang SUVs are now ready for delivery to Norway – with the Scandinavian country selected as the platform for BYD’s ambitious plans in the European passenger car market. BYD also announced that a total of 1500 Tang SUVs will be delivered to Norway before the end of the year as the company commits to accelerating its European and global strategies. The initial 100 cars are scheduled for delivery to Norwegian customers in the third quarter of this year.

BYD’s one-millionth new energy passenger car rolls off the production line

BYD’s pioneering work in the development of battery technology and new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturing has led the new energy revolution in the global automotive industry since the company’s emergence in 2003 – spearheaded by innovative technologies and a well-calibrated global business strategy. In 2004, BYD unveiled its all-electric concept car, the ET, at the Beijing Auto Show, marking the premiere debut of an NEV model. This was followed in 2008 when the world’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid NEV – the F3DM – was officially unveiled. Then, in 2020, the BYD Han was launched with performance specs setting twelve records globally and nine in China. The BYD Han continues to be a top-selling model in the mid-to-large luxury sedan sector, and with the credentials to rival models from the three German luxury car giants.

“BYD shoulders the responsibility and mission of upward development for China’s new energy vehicle brands,” said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd. “From zero to one million vehicles, this is BYD’s response to the call for global auto industry transformation. It also sets a benchmark in the journey of the new energy vehicle industry in China starting from nothing, alongside the greater national journey for a country dominated by traditional automobiles to one that is a leader in the field of sustainability.”

Customers first and foremost

“The journey to one million vehicles would not be possible without the support of car owners every step of the way,” he added, “and BYD recognises that the ‘green dream’ can only be achieved hand-in-hand with all our customers.”

With this close relationship with customers in mind, BYD has invited ten of its NEV customers to attend the ceremony, including the owners of the 100,000th and the one-millionth vehicles to join BYD as it celebrates its work in helping move towards a better, more sustainable future.

In the central square of BYD’s global headquarters, another eighty BYD car owners assembled their vehicles in a specially choreographed display forming the number ‘1,000,000’ to help celebrate the milestone.

First 100 BYD Tang SUVs head for Norway with 1500 units scheduled in 2021

Alongside news of the production of its one-millionth passenger car line, BYD has also confirmed its entry into the European market with the first 100 pure-electric BYD Tang SUVs on their way to Norway. The northern European country has been selected to kick off BYD’s journey towards a successful presence in the burgeoning NEVs market in Europe.

With Rolf Petter Almklov, Commercial Counsellor, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, alongside Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, the first batch of 100 Tang SUVs will be shipped at the end of May and delivered to local customers in Norway during the third quarter of this year. Also before the end of 2021, BYD plans to deliver a total of 1500 Tang SUVs to Norway, underlining a significant commitment from BYD to its new Scandinavian market and its European neighbours.

With decarbonisation high on the political agenda in Europe, BYD’s entry into the passenger car market comes at an important time. The BYD Tang EV provides serious competition for the more established European brands, with its stylish design and new technologies providing a compelling proposition for new car buyers. Central to its technology credentials is the new ultra-safe, space-saving Blade Battery, with performance figures including a class-leading range of up to 505km (NEDC) and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6-seconds from its 86.4 kWh capacity.

BYD describes its new business in Norway as the ‘start of the European dream’ with respect to its passenger car ambitions. A key differentiator for BYD is its commitment to bringing only pure-electric, 100% emissions-free cars to market – a strategy supported by BYD’s electric bus product range and its leading position in eBus markets right across Europe.

Working side-by-side with leading supply-chain partners to forge the way

The key to realising BYD’s dreams has been the support of leading supply-chain partners. At today’s ceremony, Wang Chuanfu made special reference to ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Fuyao, Valeo and others, while stating BYD’s intention to join hands with even more partners in a joint endeavour to lead the transformation of the global automotive industry and to forge the way ahead for electrification.

The replacement of the internal combustion engine with new energy vehicles – and specifically battery electric vehicles – is crucial for reducing dependence on fossil fuels, ensuring national energy security, and further achieving the goal of ‘peak carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060’. As a principal participant and major force in the new energy automotive industry, BYD will continue to work with partners, suppliers and customers, to push ahead and realise the dream of green travel.

About BYD

BYD Company Ltd. is one of China’s largest privately-owned enterprises. Since its inception in 1995, the company quickly developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 50 countries and regions. Its creation of a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem – comprising affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage, and cutting-edge electrified transportation – has made it an industry leader in the energy and transportation sectors. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. More information on the company can be found at

Asia-Pacific: Mia Gu; tel: +86-755-8988-8888-69666
North America: Frank Girardot; tel: +1 213 245 6503
Latin America: Mariana Osorio; tel: +56 9 8588 0333
Brazil: Adalberto Maluf; tel: +19 3514 2554
Europe: Penny Peng; tel: +31-102070888

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