Dr. Samuel Bride Volunteers in Africa and the Middle East to Give Back to Those in Need

 In developing countries around the world, people are not always in as good of a position as in the United States. In regions like the Middle East and Africa which can be war torn or underdeveloped, sometimes it is very difficult for the local population to receive the proper medical care that they need.

Dr. Bride recently took the time to visit The Gambia and Jordan. These two areas needed the help of a knowledgeable physician, and Samuel Bride M.D. answered the call. First, Dr. Bride spent 2 months in The Gambia, which is located in West Africa, where he volunteered at a local medical clinic with local physician Dr. Sallah at the Lamtoro Medical Clinic. During this time, he also was needed to help with some abdominal surgeries in the capital city of Banjul. You can see more photos of Dr. Bride with the people of The Gambia on his medium story about the trip at: https://samuelbride.medium.com/dr-samuel-bride-visits-africa-and-the-middle-east-ffc6f209f393. After leaving The Gambia, Dr. Bride also was needed in Jordan to help Syrian refugees at the Zaatari refugee camp. The Syrian people here have lost everything, including their homes, and there was a need for proper medical care. Here, Dr. Bride worked hand in hand with the Jordan Health Department and the United Nations to bring basic medical care to the families in desperate need of support. Dr. Bride spent a month here helping out and fulfilling his Hippocratic Oath as a physician in the United States.

When asked about his time spent volunteering, Dr. Samuel Bride states, “It was the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life so far, hands down.” He continued by saying, “I think all physicians, especially here in the United States where we experience many of the luxuries in life, should take some time at least once in their life to show appreciation for everything they have by giving back to those who are in a less fortunate situation.”

Dr. Bride currently practices urgent care medicine for UMD Urgent Care – L.I.C. in New York, but says that some day soon he may volunteer again somewhere in the world where he is needed. Doctors are always needed around the world to help in areas experiencing issues or crises, and Dr. Bride would like to get more doctors involved. He has set up an email address for any questions about his experiences in The Gambia and Jordan, or if you are a physician who would like to find out more about volunteering your time, you can contact Dr. Samuel Bride at drsamuelbride@gmail.com.

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