Fola Branco Announces Return to Basketball : Journey to NBA

Los Angeles 2021

Los Angeles 2021


Fola Branco, an American basketball player and classical composer also known as “President Blessed” returns to basketball activity after 13 months after undergoing a large horizontal meniscus tear surgery. Fola is recently noted for his magician basketball handles as lead principle role in a Nationally televised Coca-Cola’s Powerade commercial and composing a short film that aired in the famous TCL Chinese Theatre. Fola is an extraordinary talent. To this date, the only composer ever in history who processes NBA All Star Level Talent simultaneously.

On April 14, 2019 6AM Pacific Time – Fola Branco underwent a meniscus surgery under Dr. Walter O’ Brien in Santa Monica, California. Prior to surgery, he received pre-surgery treatment and therapy from well-known Dr. Keith Feder, who has worked with high profiles players of the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons Organization such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

On August 15, 2019, Fola MRI reported, ” diagnosed with a large horizontal tear. There is no lateral meniscus tear”. Doctors initially implemented a 5-6 months pre-surgery program to promote healing and avoid surgery. Unfortunately, although the knee went through a vigorous program, it was not enough and surgery was the best option in order to proceed and allow Fola to still play at the highest level of basketball, per the NBA. At age 27, many fans have not heard of Fola and some have counted Fola out yet loved by many by his basketball ability and and as a bonus due to his positive approach to life as a believer of Christian faith.

Fola’s has already pulled in twenty thousand positive supporters from all countries in aid of his  #JourneyToNBA on his Instagram page ( @folabranco). Fola also has a prodigy YouTube channel called First Jesus Basketball, a multi-platform series that goes in depth of his life & basketball experiences intertwined with his faith.

“What you see is what you get, it’s tough being overlooked for so long. I get tired of it of course, but what keeps me going is I do believe God preserved me to serve a greater purpose beyond my comprehension so as of now I just want to be where I know I belong, in the NBA. Not for money, just to play against the best daily as one of the best” – Fola stated.

Many don’t know Fola was once part of the first ever team at University of Buffalo school history to make an NCAA Tournament Appearance at the Quicken Loans Arena during 2015 March Madness under Duke Alum, Coach Bobby Hurley. Fola also has basketball affiliations with Duke University and University of Los Angeles (UCLA). Currently, showcases his talent amongst the best in Los Angeles at NBA Private Pick Up Runs and in the legendary Drew League.


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