“Horse Bones” – Mystery Unlimited

Author Delores Ele invites readers about a story of two sisters in this rollercoaster weird fun adventures in “Horse Bones: The Adventures of Daisy and Maisy.”

The story begins with a sled accident that occurred in 1960 when Daisy’s sister Maisy got involved. They are busy preparing the ducks for Easter, only to find out it got taken away morbidly, and Daisy felt guilty. Despite the number of medications given, it didn’t help either. A disturbing discovery occurred when they found some scary bones in the forest which Daisy and her sister played, then encountered with Alice Kraig who was a resident Witch. A frightening dream about a UFO, in a bright shimmering red, and Daisy woke up to see the menacing object hovering outside her sister’s window, and this is just the beginning. Experience the events unfold until the very end. Is Alice Kraig really a witch? Or just a kind Samaritan looking for the welfare of the girls? And other mysteries yet to be uncovered.

It is an insane roller coaster ride of a novel that keeps you flipping page after page until the very end. The balance between the complexity and narrative is impeccably done, which is also satisfying and you’ll be asking for a sequel. Critics praised it for its slick writing and style. The pacing is decent. Science fiction with a mix of suspense and mystery that fans will not be disappointed. It also does not feel convoluted or dragging in story progression. Sci-fi adventure aficionados will truly enjoy this story.

The chemistry between the characters is engrossing, compelling, and well-crafted in a surprising, straightforward presentation the fans of the genre will love with a contemporary writing style that the current generation can relate to and appreciate. Character progression in his stories is tight and well-established.

Grab a copy today and read along and find out the riveting conclusion if you are looking for that kind of twist that sets this bestseller apart across the genre. It is an awesome pick-up and a worthy addition to your library!

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Horse Bones: The Adventures of Daisy and Maisy
Author: Delores Ele
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: December 2020
Book Genre: Children’s Fantasy, Magical, Action and Adventure

About the Author
Delores Ele lives in Alton, Illinois where she spent most of her life. Living on a large piece of land in the middle of town next to woods sparked her imagination at an early age. She began her craft of storytelling at about eight years. By 12, she decided to turn professional. She has been published on the web, in local newspapers and magazines and in her church newsletter. She has edited the newsletter and was editor-in-chief for a mental health newsletter for a group of agencies in Southern Illinois. “Horse Bones: The Adventures of Daisy and Maisy” is her first published novel.