Bioscape Digital, Inc. Appoints Sean Khant as New CEO

 Bioscape Digital, Inc. announced today that Sean Khant has been appointed new CEO of the company. An experienced business leader, Sean Khant will succeed long-time CEO, Stuart Bracken, and assume responsibilities effective September 15. Stuart Bracken will remain active with the company as an Advisor and Board Member.

Over the last seven years, Dr. Khant has been a driving force in helping the company meet the evolving needs of its customers. He has held increasing roles of responsibility throughout the organization and brings a deep understanding of the operations of the company, its strategic partners, and the health systems it serves. Additionally, Dr. Khant’s unique clinical and business background brings a provider-centric perspective that is important during these challenging times, especially when it comes to ongoing staffing and retention headwinds within the industry.

Mr. Bracken, having guided the organization from its inception, looks forward to continuing his involvement, but also strongly supports the fresh perspective that Dr. Khant will bring to the role. Mr. Bracken said, “I have long recognized that Sean would be the perfect fit as the next CEO of Bioscape Digital, and I share the Board’s confidence that he will continue the remarkable story of Bioscape and take the company to the next level.”

“Sean understands Bioscape from the ground up, and the Board acted quickly to unanimously identify him as the ideal candidate to continue the journey of Bioscape,” said Al Stubblefield, Board Chairman. “The Board appreciates the leadership Stuart provided over the last dozen years, and we are excited to support the continued growth of the company under Sean’s leadership.”

While at Bioscape, Dr. Khant has served as Vice President of Healthcare Strategy, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Operating Officer.

“As we evolve our product offering to enable more hospitals and clinics to cost effectively deliver quality education and patient engagement,” said Neil Jesuele, Board member, “we are confident that Sean’s ability to lead will help maximize the impact we have on patient experience and satisfaction, our top priority.”

Dr. Khant received his BA from Emory University, MS from Rosalind Franklin University, MD from St. George’s University, and MBA from Emory University.

About Bioscape Digital:

Bioscape Digital is a leading provider of patient-centered, interactive solutions that empower healthcare systems to improve Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction, and Clinical Workflows, all through effortless technology, leading to better results at superior value. This year, Bioscape is proud to introduce CareFree: an exclusive, bedside, tablet-based platform for Maternity rooms that contains comprehensive education and entertainment: improving patient care, patient engagement, and patient outcomes.

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