Benoit Blanchard’s Upcoming Audiobook “Cyberbrain,” Has Fans Swooning Over a Doctor’s Sinister Plot to Expand Mind Control to Suppress Criminal Thought

Is suppressing the mind really the answer to eradicating crime that plagues one’s country?

Crime has always been rampant, no matter what century it is, whether it be a premeditated operation or just a simple crime such as theft. The criminal mind is as complex as the theories of this world. Whatever may be the reason for how one becomes a criminal, it is a mystery that is left unsolved. It’s difficult to understand how a normal person such as a friend, neighbor, or coworker can become a criminal overnight. Which poses the question “How does a person become a criminal?”

Benoit Blanchard’s new release “Cyberbrain” (Friesen Press, 2014) is an audiobook about suppressing criminal thought by implanting “cybers” in the brains of newborns to eradicate crime. The story begins with Patrick Kobayashi, creator of the Cyberbrain program, who plans to expand mind control throughout North America under the auspices of the American president. Max Wilson, an ethical neurosurgeon whose purpose in life is to prevent Cyberbrain’s expansion outside the United States, and one of the first wave of Cyberbrain implants, plans to battle the extraction of cybers and save the community before it spreads.

But, how can Max battle with the implant in his brain?

With Dr. Alston’s help, who uncovered Kobayashi’s plan to expand mind control through Cyberbrain’s implants, he helps Max extract the cyber from his brain, and as a result, became the only person to have his cyber removed, and the most wanted person in the country.

An action-packed thriller audiobook that’ll have listeners hooked on what comes next. Will Dr. Alston’s war on Cyberbrain prove that Kobayashi has something far more menacing in mind? Find out more and grab your copy at Amazon.

Author | Benoit Blanchard
Genre | Fiction
Publisher | Friesen Press
Published date | Nov. 6, 2014

Life Coach Luke Benoit Discusses New Recovery Book “All Storms Pass 2-Rain And Fire” on Daniel G. Garza Podcast (“Put It Together Conversations”) (7/27 @ 5pm)

 “If anyone ever told you that you were anything less than wonderful…they lied.” – Statement of High Self-Esteem, “All Storms Pass: The Anti-Meditation Series” by Luke Benoit

On Tues., July 27 at 5p.m., Life Coach Author Luke Benoit will be a guest on Daniel G. Garza’s “Put It Together Conversations” live streaming podcast to discuss his newly released second book in his “All Storms Pass: The Anti-Meditation” series, subtitled, “Rain and Fire.” The podcast will be streamed to Garza’s YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites.

Blogger Marlan Warren caught up with Luke Benoit to discuss both books in the series. The following is an excerpt from the full interview posted on Warren’s L.A. Now & Then blog [].

Interview with Author/Life Coach Luke Benoit

Q – How were the anti-meditations born?

A – I started writing these meditations as teaching tools and springboards for discussion in some groups that I was running. Initially, they were short and more like 12-Step slogans. They eventually took on a life of their own, and expanded until they assembled themselves into “All Storms Pass: The Anti-Meditation,” the first book in the series.

Q – How would you classify the Anti-Meditations books?

A – They are about recovery from trauma with many 12-Step and Codependency references. Truthfully, they are intended for anyone they might help. They are their own animal in that way and hard to classify. But there is probably something in the books for almost anyone.

Q – What was the best experience you had launching the first book?

A – Hearing people from all walks of life say how much the book has impacted them. That has always been amazing and incredibly gratifying. It’s very humbling, yet it also makes me very proud to be the channel.

Q – How would you suggest a reader in need of recovery approach these books?

A – I would say have no expectations. “The Statement of High Self-Esteem” that opens the book is extremely powerful and resonates throughout. With the other entries, I think it’s a sort of “take what you like and leave the rest” kind of experience. Let what hits you hit you. What moves you move you.

Q – There’s humor in the books. What is your relationship to humor professionally and personally?

A – The idea that sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying is a very powerful concept. I come from very sarcastic people and the energy of that definitely informs me as a person, a writer, and even a coach. There is something always very appealing to me about a Gestalt-ish confrontation that involves humor. It can be really eye-opening for us all.

Q – You are both a professional life coach and hypnotist. Does the latter influence your writing?

A – These anti-meditations are very purposely written in hypnotic and NLP language. Writing for me is always a trance process. I need to be ready and drop into it to be able to generate the work. Self-hypnosis is incredibly powerful and can do so much to unlock our potentials. We engage in it all the time, often unknowingly.

Q – Which is your favorite anti-meditation in “Rain and Fire”?

A – The one that really stands out for me is the one about the trapeze because I think it’s insightful about relationships.

Trapeze Flying [Excerpt]:

so he asked her:

So what would make

You think that this

Time would be different?

and she said:

“I just always

get distracted

by the

Daring Young Man

Trapeze Flying

when all I wanted

was something to

grab onto

so I could

Let Go

and someone to

catch me

Before I fall.”

and he said:

“Then Why Didn’t You

Grab My Hands?”

Q – How did you come up with the second book’s subtitle “Rain and Fire”?

A – Turbulence. The years during the writing of “Rain and Fire” were rough for me and full of all kinds of storms. Storms may come in many forms, but surviving them is the trick or key.

Both “All Storms Pass” are on Amazon: Luke Benoit Books

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