Believe Means to See, Hear and Feel with Your Heart

In another Dragon tale, J.G. Eastwood implores the inspiring story of a father and his son. A story of overcoming fears and the transformation of a cowardly heart — in “Dragon, My Dragon,” Eastwood introduces another believer.

“Dragon, My Dragon” is a picture book with an exciting and heartwarming surprise. In this story a boy learns the power in believing. To overcome his fear of being alone in the darkness of his room, his papa introduces the possibility of acquiring his own dragon. With a little faith, imagination, believing, and the magic words, “Dragon, My Dragon” Rourke, the scaredy boy, conjures his own dragon.

Will “Dragon, My Dragon” frighten, Rourke? Or will they set out to an adventure and become best buddies?

Open your eyes and see the realities after unlocking your imagination and fly with dragons a third time. Discover the meaning behind Rourke’s name and have your heartstrings pulled by his papa’s unconditional love. Learn how this lovable pair of father and son, became conquerors of fear. Enjoy this heartwarming book that will surely bring a tasteful mix of whim, bliss, and inspiration. The unconventional lesson on believing and defying the fears that keep us awake at night will certainly inspire every reader to find the courage inside their hearts.

The dynamic duo of J.G. Eastwood and Carl J. Kocich, a professional artist and illustrator, is definitely a formula to a great and exciting read. Eastwood’s way with lessons, and whim have become a signature while Kocich’s illustrations, amplifies the thrill in the story.

Discover how to call out your dragon. Enjoy one more ride with Eastwood and learn that there are definitely no limits when it comes to your imagination. Grab a copy now!

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Title: Dragon, My Dragon
Author: J.G. Eastwood
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Book Genre: Juvenile Fiction

About the Author:

Judith Garber Eastwood’s most beloved memories of her childhood are the pleasure and experiences of reading, the treasured classics and the amazing realm of Make-believe. She would read to her “boogers” every night before tucking them into bed. J. G. has loved reading children’s books all of her life, attributing this delight to “helping me keep my little girl’s heart.”

Her passion for writing soon followed. She sat on a chair stacked with pillows at an old school master’s desk in her parent’s home, took scrap paper and pencil in hand, and wrote stories and scribbled drawings to illustrate her words, and vividly dreamed, secretively, of becoming a children’s author when she grew up. That dream became real when she observed her own young ones at play, and when she would read aloud to them.

Eastwood earned A.A. and B.A. degrees from Averett University and a M.Ed. from Lynchburg University. She is retired from teaching and has written numerous stories for children. The Dragon Trilogy is her first published work. She lives on a farm in Virginia with her husband. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.