Belcourt Castle in the Gilded Age and Beyond

Belcourt Castle has been one of the crown jewels of world- famous Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island. Author Harle Tinney knows the house like the palm of her hand, because she resided there longer than any other owner including the Belmonts who built it, Harold Vanderbilt, Defender of the America’s Cup, and the Lorillards who began the Newport Jazz Festival. Harle is the last survivor of the Tinney Family who bravely saved Belcourt from the wrecker’s ball in 1956.
“Belcourt Castle: Milestones and Memories” has one-hundred well-illustrated pages. Readers can tour spectacular rooms and experience the castle’s rich century of lavish festivals, weddings, inspiring concerts, and charity extravaganzas. Books on the history of Newport which include stories of Belcourt Castle now have the complement of an up-to-date insider’s view of Belcourt Castle’s special role in the City by the Sea. The reader takes a private tour of one of Bellevue Avenue’s most exotic mansions which the Tinney Family called Belcourt Castle. Harle Tinney herself is the guide as she resided in the sixty-room castle for 52 years. Her stories are filled with fascinating images of Newport mansions, existing old ruins, and the extraordinary people who left a mark in social history. A definite must-read for those curious about Newport society, the Gilded Age through the Jazz Age.
The author, Harle Tinney, lived in an overlooked history of the City of Newport during the mid-twentieth century. She sold Belcourt, the building, in 2012 and has become an entertaining knowledgeable lecturer. A long-awaited autobiography about her years living a fairy tale life and love which kept Belcourt Castle alive for the present generation is romanticized in a motion picture called “Newport Castle” by the Providence Lyceum. which will be released by the film makers Karen and Michael Iacobbo.
Enjoy reading about Newport’s evolution from the post-war decline in Newport Society to its re-gilded Age of tourism in Mrs. Tinney’s memories of her elegant castle.
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Belcourt Castle: Milestones and Memories
Author: Harle H. Tinney
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: March 12, 2021
Genre: History and Architecture
Target Audience: Students and Adults
About the Author
Harle Tinney is an accomplished artist, lecturer, historian, musician, actress, and antiquarian. Currently living in Middletown, Rhode Island, she remains Belcourt’s longest resident.