Vince Belanger Joining Evolution Analytics, LLC as a Principal

 “Passion for customers, coupled with deep industry expertise in data, have always been a focus for Vince. He has been integral in building multiple data and analytic service companies and we are excited to have him join Evolution Analytics,” said Todd Nash, Principal of Evolution Analytics. “With our recent additions, we are building an industry leading team and I know our customers will see when they work with us.”

“Change is a constant, and understanding the challenges it poses to our customers today provides a unique opportunity for us to do some amazing things. I am truly excited to join our diverse and experienced team to do something different,” says Vince Belanger. He continues, “Every company deserves the opportunity to differentiate and compete with data and advanced analytics. We are poised and ready to partner, create value and enable our customers in ways that only a focused and passionate team can.”

About Vince Belanger

Vince has been consulting in the data space for over 20 years. He has successfully grown multiple analytic service organizations while helping to position them for successful acquisitions. As a consultant, he has led teams and regions, spoken around the globe on multiple different data topics and even acted as Chief Data Officer for some customers.

About Evolution Analytics

Evolution Analytics, LLC ( is a professional services firm focused exclusively on delivering analytics and data science consulting services. The firm leverages proven, business-driven practices to help mid-sized companies accelerate their growth. They believe that the mid-market has been underserved by data and analytic solutions, having found them too expensive and too complicated to implement. That barrier to entry that held many mid-market companies back is gone. Evolution Analytics specializes in helping mid-market companies take advantage of these new technologies and leverage the lessons we’ve learned from market leaders.

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