AVCLabs Black Friday Deals: Live Offers on AI Tools

 AVCLabs is launching a Black Friday sale campaign on its premium AI tools. The deals have been live since November 11 and will continue until November 30.

AVCLabs is a leading company for developing multimedia solutions including Video Enhancer, Photo Enhancer AI, PhotoPro AI, Video Blur AI, etc.

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Details of AVCLabs Black Friday Deals

$100 off AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI
AVCLabs Video Enhancer is a video enhancer software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of videos by sharpening, denoising, deblurring and lossless upscaling. Equipped with a dedicated Face Refinement model, it also excels in restoring blurry or out-of-focus faces. The software is also adept at increasing video frame rate and colorizing black-and-white videos.

Available for Windows and Mac Systems: Was $299.90 /perpetual, Now $199.90 /perpetual.

$100 off on AVCLabs PhotoPro AI
AVCLabs PhotoPro AI is a versatile photo editor that automates photo editing workflow with a magnitude of AI-based features. This tool allows users to erase unwanted objects, cut out and customize photo background, increase photo size by up to 4x, enhance faces, colorize B&W photos, adjust color and more with a few clicks. Partial area editing is made possible by various selection tools. Its next version will introduce a replacement AI feature, enabling users to create new objects based on text prompts.

Available for Windows and Mac Systems: Was $169.90 /perpetual, Now $99.90 /perpetual.

$100 off on AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI
AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is a dedicated photo enhancement software. This powerful tool uses AI technology to enhance photo quality, improve clarity, and bring out the best in images. It features AI upscaler, AI denoiser, AI colorizer and AI BG removal, offering similar functions to PhotoPro AI but designed to process a whole image. With a simple interface, this tool revolutionizes the photo editing experience for professional photographers or casual users.

Available for Windows and Mac Systems: Was $159.90 /perpetual, Now $99.90 /perpetual.

$100 off on AVCLabs Video Blur AI
AVCLabs Video Blur AI is an AI-powered anonymization app to mask any unwanted objects in videos. By utilizing deep-learning algorithms, it automatically detects, recognizes, tracks and blurs selected targets including faces (all or selectively), license plates, foreground/background, etc. Users can also adjust the blur intensity and customize the blur area with a picture or some funny stickers.

Available for Windows and Mac Systems: Was $159.90 /perpetual, Now $99.90 /perpetual.

$170 off on AVCLabs AI Bundle
AVCLabs AI Bundle groups Video Enhancer AI and Photo Enhancer AI together and sells them as a single product at a lower price, which is budget-friendly for users in need of both tools.

Available for Windows and Mac Systems: Was $459.80 /perpetual, Now $289.90 /perpetual.

All perpetual licenses are offered with one-time payment, free updates and technical support. With discounted prices above, the deals are run for a limited time until November 30, 2023. For more information about the deals, visit this page.

About AVCLabs
AVCLabs is a leading developer of multimedia software, dedicated to providing creative and productive AI video and photo editing tools that enhance workflow. With a focus on innovation and ease-of-use, AVCLabs empowers users to make complex video and photo edits simpler than ever before.


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Updates: AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI Version 2.4.0 Released

 Let’s dive in the new features of the update:

1. Support MP4(H.265), MKV(H.264), MKV(H.265), and MOV(ProRes 422HQ) as the output formats.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI supports MP4(H.265), MKV(H.264), MKV(H.265), and MOV(ProRes 422HQ) as the output formats, which means you can get a better quality output video without worrying about the original file format.

2. Add AI Face Blur.

The AI Face Blur function is an important new addition to AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI. It can automatically detect and blur faces in videos, ensuring the privacy of people captured in the footage. The principle behind AI face blur is simple: by analyzing the video frame-by-frame, the software can identify human faces and then apply a blurring effect to them. This ensures that the faces are not easily recognizable, while still preserving the overall quality of the video.

3. Support manually controlling brightness, contrast, and saturation.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI supports manually controlling brightness, contrast, and saturation. This allows you to make small adjustments to the video without having to rely on automatic mechanisms that may not always produce the results you desire. In addition, this functionality can help you achieve a more natural look for your videos by allowing you to fine-tune the colors according to your preferences. As a result, your videos will appear more polished and professional.

4. Support cropping video.

Video cropping is a popular way to improve the composition of a video or to focus on a particular subject. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI now supports cropping videos, making it easy to get the perfect composition for your video. Simply select the area you want to crop and click on the crop button. You can also choose to save the cropped area as a new video file.


Supported OS:


Windows 11/Windows 10 (64bit)

/Windows 7 (64bit)

(Directx12 or above is required for GPU acceleration.)


macOS 10.15 and above using Apple M1 Chip

Processor: 4GHz Intel/AMD processor or above

Monitor: Monitor with 1920×1080 pixels or higher resolution.

Free Space: More than 15G.

RAM: 8GB or higher recommended


The pricing of AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI starts from $39.95 USD for a month plan. For more price checking and information, you can visit https://www.avclabs.com/purchase.html.

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