We love our Automobiles, Hail Protector Systems now protect more than 10,000 automobiles across the USA from Hail Storms

Hail Storms & Extreme Weather Damage Average $14 Billion Annually. $2B in Damage to Automobiles Alone.

Mother Nature is awesome in so many ways, but she can be equally terrifying. There is no hiding the fact that your vehicle was damaged in a hail storm. Once you claim the damage on your automobile insurance, it gets reported to the bureaus that distribute the data to CarFax, Autocheck and similar vehicle history report companies. So, you pay the deductible for the repair and you lose thousands in automobile value because of the vehicle history report. Most times, this lost vehicle value is between $3,000 and $6,000 depending on the severity of the repair. Terrifying.

“No one likes to live in fear,” says Michael Siciliano, inventor of the Hail Protector System. “I’ve been through too many hail storms and hail storm scares. It can be a daily occurrence in some parts of the USA. for months at a time. It was well overdue for a product to be designed to truly protect automobiles and protect our lives from the turmoil automobile damage causes.”

Siciliano was shocked when he discovered his system could stop any size hail Mother Nature had been able to produce in recorded history. “When one of our customers sets up their system the first time, the whole neighborhood is curious to find out what it does. And the name Hail Protector on the front makes it all too clear that help is finally here,.” he says.

The average new automobile now costs in excess of $38,000 per Kelley Blue Book, from a 2020 study. And as new car prices increase, so does the cost to repair them. Deductibles need to be high to keep comprehensive car insurances rates low for most people.

“We love our automobiles!” says Siciliano. “It’s an expression of our personality and gives us a sense of pride and freedom.” Siciliano says he gets emails daily thanking him for the invention. He’s just happy the yearly problem of hail storms finally has a solution worth getting excited about.

About Hail Storm Products LLC:

Hail Storm Products is a Texas corporation formed in 2011 for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, and distributing the insurtech Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System. The Hail Protector System is a utility patented system designed and proven to stop any size hail from damaging automobiles. Hail Storm Products parent company is carcovers.com. For more information, visit them at hailprotector.com, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages or via email to info(at)hailstormproducts(dot)com.