Aureo Aims to Improve the Way Brands Connect with Top Marketing and Creative Talent

 Aureo is a new platform that vets marketing and creative talent, makes project connections, and manages project agreements and payment processes so brands can continue to focus on what they do best.

Freelance applicants are manually vetted before being accepted into the marketing, digital, and creative professionals network. Brands submit project requests via a streamlined RFP form on the platform. Then, freelancers are matched to projects based on skill set, experience, and value alignment. Brands can either choose a freelancer upon review or arrange a discovery call with top contenders.

Once connections are established, Aureo continues to manage contracts, invoicing, and scope changes to ensure stability for both the brand and the talent.

This year, 44% of tech founders & execs say that a significant number of their top performers have exited due to the Great Resignation, according to a new A. Team report surveying 581 tech leaders. 71% of surveyed leaders agreed that bringing on freelancers gives their business greater agility during times of economic uncertainty.

Aureo aims to ease the hiring burden when quick-turn and one-off projects for specialized talent arise. “After over a decade of experience in consulting, as a freelancer, and running an agency, it has become increasingly apparent that hiring needs are evolving for both brands and talent,” says Sam Ruiz, Co-Founder of Aureo. “We’ve been uniquely positioned between freelancers and brands long enough to hear what both sides are asking for, loud and clear. And now, we’re delivering it.”

Brands can create a free account and freelancers can apply to join the network on Aureo’s website.


Alyssa Johnson




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