Universities Around the World Compete to Improve Accessibility using Anthology Ally

LONDONMay 16, 2023PRLog — Anthology (https://www.anthology.com/), a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, today announced its fourth annual Fix Your Content Day (https://www.anthology.com/fix-your-content-day) to highlight the need for more inclusive digital learning content. Anthology is inviting higher education institutions that use Anthology Ally to participate.

The objective of Fix Your Content Day is to engage colleges and universities globally to make meaningful change in the lives of all students and create more inclusive learning environments. By participating in the competition, higher ed institutions and instructors are doing their part to improve the accessibility of course materials and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity.

“We look forward to participating in the 24-hour global competition each year, which challenges us to continue our journey in creating more inclusive digital learning content,” said Coastal Pines Technical College Executive Vice President, Amanda Morris, the 2022 First Place Fix Your Content Day Global Winner. “While Fix Your Content Day is only once a year, our college and the Technical College System of Georgia collectively strives to improve the accessibility of course materials and serve as a champion for accessibility every day. Additionally, we enjoy the friendly competition with other colleges and encourage our faculty and staff to get involved. The challenge is a fun way to review our course content for quality and accessibility.”

More than 1,500 institutions around the world use Anthology Ally to enhance digital content on their learning management systems (LMS). The result is better learning outcomes for students by improving the usability, readability, and quality of the digital materials in their courses.

“An estimated one billion people across the globe experience some sort of physical, visual, hearing, or cognitive disability. Employing solutions to create more accessible learning environments is imperative,” said Anthology Chairman and CEO Jim Milton. “However, making content more accessible and providing alternative formats isn’t just for a select group of students. Alternative formats generated by solutions like Anthology Ally provide greater opportunities for everyone to access the information they need in the way they want it. We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm of institutions and faculty participating in this global effort.”

Anthology Ally empowers learners with the flexibility of choosing the most effective way to interact with digital content. By dynamically enhancing learning materials for student preferences and needs, it automatically provides alternative formats for course content, like audio files, translations, PDFs better formatted for mobile devices and more, all without manual intervention from the institution or instructor.

“While we’ve been actively supporting faculty and staff in centering inclusivity in their online courses for years, this will be our first year participating in Fix Your Content Day,” said Dr. Hannah Digges Elliott, Senior Instructional Designer at Western Kentucky University. “We’re excited about the opportunity to encourage a little competition among our faculty and staff and ultimately continue to highlight the importance of more accessible content.”

“Fix Your Content Day highlights the importance of building equitable learning experiences,” said Dr. Margaret Korosec, Dean of Online and Digital Education at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. “It’s also a reminder to reflect on how learning experiences are received by students and how choice of access supports their requirements. Equitable access starts with our own awareness of what’s possible and working to push the boundaries of what can be done in an accessible way.”

To participate in the 2023 Fix Your Content Day challenge, register your institution here: https://www.anthology.com/fix-your-content-day

Hong Kong – Blossom Around Town for anniversary celebrations (with photos)

Blossom Around Town for anniversary celebrations (with photos)


     To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)’s establishment and allow wide participation by the community in sharing the festive joy, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will run the Blossom Around Town programme from June to October for enhancing the public appreciation of gorgeous landscape displays and beautiful floral arrangements. This programme is under the exclusive sponsorship of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), and is one of the many initiatives supported by the HKJC’s approved donation of $630 million to the Government of the HKSAR to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, demonstrating that the HKJC is resolute in pursuing its purpose of acting continuously for the betterment of society, all in support of creating stronger communities together.

     The beautification works will be carried out in phases at parks and locations in various districts. Works include displays of colourful flowers and attractive plants with ornamental value to create a cheerful community atmosphere and enhance the cityscape across the territory.

     Phase one will be implemented from today (June 1) to July 31. To beautify the environment, enhancement of 21 roadside amenity areas, including flowerbeds at roundabouts and central medians with colourful flowers will be conducted by the department.

     Phase two will be from June 13 to August 7. Twelve prominent parks and locations with easy accessibility will be covered by colourful flower seas, flower walls with local characteristics, a maze garden suitable for all ages and “birthday” themed garden plots in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the HKSAR’s establishment to encourage appreciation of flowers and public amusement.

     Phase three will run from September 9 to October 16. The department will set up themed garden plots in Oriental and Western styles at designated parks in the 18 districts for public appreciation and photo-taking.

     People of all ages are welcome to join the programme and the admission is free. Apart from visiting the venue in person, the public can also visit the LCSD’s Blossom Around Town webpage (www.bat.gov.hk) for details.

EMKA Gives Back Around the World – Supporting Some of the Pre-Eminent Issues of Our Times

 EMKA’s awareness of its social responsibility is demonstrated by its attention to issues such as a clean water supply project in West Africa, and the support of women and children in sport. Their involvement at this level enables EMKA to give something back to the wider community on the world and local stages.

EMKA sponsors top athletes and access to clean water by promoting social projects worldwide together with local partners: EMKA sponsors Düsseldorf‘s YOU Foundation in its digital donation concept, referred to as the SmartAid app. Thanks to Blockchain Technology, donors can track the path of their money themselves – all the way to the intended recipient. The project’s agenda includes the construction of wells to provide clean water in West Africa.

The YOU Foundation is an initiative of UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven which is committed to the education of children in need worldwide. It follows UNESCO’s values and mission and its Education Agenda 2030, which includes ensuring water supplies: In West Africa, the foundation is building urgently needed wells to supply the population with clean water. Local groups of experts and community members analyse the best locations for modern wells, which are then constructed to ensure easy access. Continuous monitoring of the installations and the water quality then ensures that the local people can receive sufficient drinking water. Together with the software company Datarella, the YOU Foundation has developed a digital emergency aid app for social project projects – sponsored by the EMKA Group.

For many years, Goražde in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been an important EMKA production site where again EMKA are involved with supporting children in the community through sport. EMKA Bosnia primarily produces moulds as well as injection-moulded parts for the automotive and electrical industries. In the field of mould making, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. But EMKA also has a solid local presence not only as an employer but through its social commitment. For three years, EMKA has been sponsoring two local football clubs, providing suitable training conditions for children up to 14 years of age and the women‘s team in the First League of the B&H Federation. This year, the team hopes to be promoted to the Premier Ligue, the highest division in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s club football. The youth team also competes successfully in various leagues and tournaments – including the annual EMKA tournament in Goražde, in the Federation and Serbia.

EMKA social involvement goes further by supporting women in exciting sports projects such as the FSC Remscheid parachute and skydiving club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in October and hopes to host two sporting events beforehand, but in compliance with the current COVID19 safety regulations. A parachute spectacle was planned from 18 to 20 June 2021 at the Hackenberg Sports Centre, in cooperation with the “Bergische Drei” – referring to the three cities of Solingen, Wuppertal and Remscheid.

The second significant event planned was the International Germany Cup in target parachuting from 23 to 25 July 2021 in Bodenfelde, with top European and German teams’ participation. This event was the last opportunity to train under competitive conditions before the World Championships take place in August 2021. At the World Championships, Lucia Lippold, also sponsored by EMKA, will compete in her unique discipline of speed skydiving as the reigning German and European champion as well as German record holder – the formation of eight parachuters from the FSC Remscheid will also participate.

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