NYC Home Designer Archetype Architecture Presents Six Home Design Tips for 2022

 As 2021 winds down, Archetype Architects (NYC) sat down to preview the trends and designs they continue to see evolving into the new year. In this post COVID world, their clients continue to have the desire to make their space multifunctional for work-from-home reasons as well as creating more living areas. And they are getting creative about it.

Archetype designer Alex Tamzrian is transforming small areas of their client’s homes into offices that serve double as a second guest room or living room. She recommends, “If you have a narrow hallway or an alcove, you can consider transforming it into a home office with built-ins to keep a small space tidy.”

“Some of the best results I’ve seen us produce are workspaces that can tuck away into built-ins and millwork,” adds Archetype designer Omar Khafila. “Life balance is important. Being able to hide your desk or laptop stand away after the workday is a good utilization of space and a way to separate work vs personal.”

In addition to focusing on multifunctional design, the firm highlights some other trends and designs that they are continuing to utilize in 2022 projects.

Statement Lighting: Fixtures that offer form and function illuminate living spaces and serve a unique, bold statement piece.

Natural Materials: The use of natural, repurposed, and sustainable materials add a chic elegance and are eco-friendly.

Vintage Finds: Vintage decors such as furniture, fixtures, and accent pieces add individuality and personality to home design.

Shades of Green: The hot color on many trends list in 2022 is green, evoking feelings of balance, harmony, renewal, growth, and abundance.

Black Accents: Black accents add punctuation and create dimension. It is a timeless and elegant way to provide a bold contrast in your otherwise neutral rooms.

Archetype Founder Alan Berman firmly believes, regardless of the trend, his designers put their clients’ desires first. “We always start with what our clients’ needs are and then build off of that with design that incorporates timeless, functional and current style that deliver the outcomes that are looking for.”

Download Archetype’s “Six Trends for ‘2022” to see photographs of how their team utilized these trends in some of their most recent designs. Archetype is a full-service architecture and interior design firm based in Manhattan. In 2021 they were listed as one of the top 15 residential architects in NYC by NYC Architects. Alan Berman is the owner and founder of Archetype located at 2162 Broadway on the Upper West Side. Find them online at or on Instagram . For interviews please email:

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