The LifeGuard ApproachTM Announces Rebrand

 The LifeGuard InitiativeTM, dental practice coaching and training company focused on “Guarding and Guiding” the patients overall health and wellness, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. To better identify with the company’s mission and teachable practice methodology, the company will now be known as The LifeGuard ApproachTM.

The LifeGuard ApproachTM focuses on creating predictably higher levels of health and wellness in today’s patient by:

· Directing and focusing attention on the lifestyle, habits, and oral health of patients.

· Developing long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

· Focusing on what the patient wants for themselves rather than what practitioners think they need.

· Offering LifeLinesTM through implementation of today’s science coupled with education that empowers new beliefs and shifts behavior.

“Today’s dental and medical professionals are in a unique position to offer LifeLinesTM (lifesaving protocols) by becoming a LifeGuard for our patients,” said Cris Duval, RDH and Co-Founder of The LifeGuard ApproachTM.

To further cement the commitment and mission of reshaping protocols and approaches to patient care, The LifeGuard ApproachTM is pleased to announce that along with the rebranding, Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH has joined as Co-Founder and Partner. Kim brings more than 30-years clinical dental hygiene, speaking, education and coaching experience to the team.

With the rebranding and addition of Ms. Miller to the team, The LifeGuard ApproachTM is prepared to share this groundbreaking model for dental and medical patient care with healthcare professionals.

About The LifeGuard ApproachTM

The LifeGuard Approach™ believes that it’s time for dental professionals to change their mindset when it comes to patient health. The time has come for the dental industry to become proactive LifeGuardsTM to promote health and disease prevention for our patients.

Using a groundbreaking model, healthcare professionals can transformation their daily interactions by mastering a failsafe set of protocols that will uplift daily interactions with patients and create predictably higher levels of long-term wellness through state-of-the-art LifeLines™.

Cris and Kim invite you to visit to explore the rebranded website, resources, get to know more about the team and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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