“My Data My Consent”, An Answer to Data and Privacy Concerns of Corporates and Startups

Users today are becoming more susceptible to data breaches, crores of Indians have lost confidential information including their credit card numbers, addresses, account information and even passport and travel information. From Air India to Dominos, all have been a victim to data theft or hacking at some point.

Even individual customers have to face privacy breaches every now and then. Most apps, after being downloaded, ask for access to device storage, phone calls, contacts, and a lot more. Privacy is a human right and is fundamental to our existence and empowerment. One should be able to decide with whom they want to share their data and for how long.

My Data My Consent enables sharing personal, financial, health data and documents with organizations securely, and with industry-leading security standards. On the platform, the individual is a data owner and withholds rightful access to their data. My Data My Consent is the first decentralized and user democratic platform. In under 10 minutes of signing up users can connect, organise, track and share their data security. Customers are the crux of everything that they do, their security platform provides context-aware governance of your data in real-time.

Developers and organisations can also accept data from users with just a few lines of code. They have also gained the interests of several institutions and have been partnering with public sector banks, insurance companies and educational institutions for a beta release of the platform.

This data is independent of the government but united in security and privacy. The platform is user-friendly and powered by AI, which provides financial insights for the users and prevents fraud on organizational stats. Furthermore, users are rewarded for the authority they hold over the data, and the platform offers them other perks, such as tracking their financial and physical wellness.

My Data My Consent’s CEO, Balamurali Pandranki has been a prodigy when it comes to his passion and experience for coding and computer science, he has beat all odds to achieve enormous success in the community. Alongside making significant contributions to the data-security avenue, he has been working as a consultant with Fortune 100 companies.

About My Data My Consent

My Data My Consent is a unique platform that allows users to share their personal data more securely and hassle free. With end-to-end encryption user data is protected with robust security and users are in control of who their data is shared with and for how long. It is highly efficient as data sharing is made more instant and paperless, making it tamper-proof and manual error-free. The platform makes itself very accessible where organisations and developers can integrate My Data My Consent to their apps with just a few easy steps.

For more information, please visit: www.mydatamyconsent.com.