Angelique P. Allen Shares Her Comprehensive Guide on How to Deal With Annoying and Discourteous Folks at the Office, Home or Any Organization

“How to Handle Pain-in-the-A$$ People” is praised for its witty and straight forward contexts by critics. As you go through the pages, this book will allow you to formulate a correct mindset that will help you think and establish a thought of reference with the other people you know and dealing with them every single day. It also helps create actions on how to handle them.
Its topics are helpful enough as you go through every page and at the same time, your mind is making way for new workarounds as you try to apply them in a daily basis.
Each chapter is designed to encounter any scenario or situation in mind that is applicable to your advantage. You might want to start bookmarking your favorite chapters as you go along.    
There are some chapters that deal with personal relationships and having to protect it like a business. Read the book to learn more on how to apply these principles. This guide overall provides focus and help you in self-promotion, as you read along and having to realize that you are your own business that you are liable for, branding like “entrepreneurs” to some degree.
An awesome reference for those looking a serviceable self-help book. So, own a copy today!
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How To Handle Pain-In-The-A$$ People: Getting Played Is A Waste Of Time, Energy & Cash!
Author: Angelique P. Allen
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: March 2021
Book Genre:  Nonfiction, self-help, financial success and contemporary literature.
Target Audience: Young adults and readers who are interested in personal development.
About the Author
Angelique P. Allen is an author, speaker, and entertainer. She is originally from New York City and currently lives in the metropolitan Atlanta area. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany, and life coaching certification from the Coaches Institute International. Angelique also has many years of broadcasting experience by way of Public Broadcasting Atlanta TV30/FM 90.1,The Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Foundation Inc., WRFG 89.3 FM, and The Genesis Communications Network.  Whether on radio, social media or in person, she enjoys being witty and encouraging people to be strategic with their affairs.