ALSEGO is Now Launching a Solution to Help Protect Your Organization Against Cybercrime

 LetzRelay-MX, the first module of LetzRelay offer, is the new cloud technology-powered email security solution that ALSEGO developed for your organization’s cybersecurity. It utilizes advanced email filtering capabilities to detect and protect emails from malicious actors. Its cloud-based nature ensures that it is easy, flexible, robust, and secure on all fronts.

CyberScore Your Inbound Internet Emails

CyberScore is an instant and embedded clear indicator that shows risks associated to the received email. LetzRelay-MX upgrades this feature by analyzing internet inbound emails with a completely holistic approach. Amongst other aspects, it will consider technical security standards and the sender’s reputation before it enters your mail system.

LetzRelay-MX also utilizes URL sandboxing and deep analysis, ensuring that target websites will not attempt phishing or inject malicious components into your computer. Moreover, this solution analyzes attachments from your emails to uncover their true nature.

Apart from virus and malware signatures that hide in emails, cybercriminals would use fake files or links. Hackers use these techniques to mask the true attachment file that would end up harming your computers. LetzRelay-MX helps you uncover those lies before they even reach you.

Utilize AI Processes to Assist People

LetzRelay-MX separates itself from the competition by using artificial intelligence technology and evolving algorithmic processes. AI-driven email security processes track and monitor threats automatically, eliminating the risks. These solutions focus on your reinforcement strategy consistently, ensuring that you have constant email security protecting your organization.

Enjoy Cost-efficient Email Security Solution

Considering everything LetzRelay-MX offers, it stands as the most cost-effective solution on the market. It includes all material and training costs associated with maintaining technical users and end-user awareness about security risks. With a wide scope of provisions, you can save on extra email security expenses.

Why is LetzRelay-MX Launching Now?

ALSEGO is aware of the tremendous growth in email security threats that target organizations around the world. Spam and phishing attacks have caused businesses significant losses, proving that traditional solutions can no longer keep up with the creativity of cybercriminals in getting what they want. This cybersecurity solution aims to protect your business from email-based cybercrime while offering cost savings.

No Installation Required

LetzRelay-MX provides email security in a cloud-based platform that is reliable, secure, and cost-effective. You don’t need to install any new software to set up the program and enjoy its features. Simply go through the following steps after completing the registration process:

Review Settings: You may update the default settings to better suit your organization’s standards. LetzRelay-MX creates these settings for you upon registration.

Add Emails: Enter all the email addresses associated with your organization. This step ensures all-around protection for everyone involved.

Update Domain DNS MX Records: Depending on your region, you will be assigned DNS MX records with hostnames. You can edit these accordingly.

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