Blanche Allure, the Female-Lead Business Working for a More Sustainable World

┬áBlanche Allure is a womenswear brand, with a dedication to providing ethically sourced, yet stylish, products to women, by women.Their garments are not only made from recycled materials, but are vegan-friendly and ethically produced. Blanche Allure’s aim is to leave the customer assured that the sourcing and production of their new items took place in the most ethical manner.

Blanche Allure is also a completely new brand, with a small group of employees, working completely remotely, The female-led business is made up of a diverse range of employees, and committed to reflecting that diversity and inclusivity within all areas of the business. They are especially driven to prioritise and portray the importance of female empowerment within body positivity. They do this by bringing garments to the market that will ensure women of all shapes, sizes and abilities will feel included.

Why Blanche Allure is the perfect brand to spotlight:

– All their products are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced.

– They are a brand committed to inclusivity, body-positivity and female empowerment, with a team equally dedicated to these virtues.

– Blanche Allure are a small, female-led business

Blanche Allure

Eralda Qirjo

+44 7480394495



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