Alecia Thurston Presents a Delightful Story Filled With Magic, Lessons, and Friendships in the “Shumalady’s Butterfly Tree” Children’s Book

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Since her childhood, Alecia Frances Thurston has been writing, producing, and telling stories. Ms. Thurston acknowledges that she is an adult child and will remain such until 90 years old. Her ability to maintain a connection to her upbringing resulted in a colorful, one-of-a-kind writing and storytelling style. Ms. Thurston’s childhood connection helps her instill a sense of wonder, inventiveness, awe, understanding, and respect for youngsters globally.

“Shumalady’s Butterfly Tree” is about a girl named Shumalady, who gains admiration from her good-good friends for her self-acceptance, confidence, and lovely, diversified taste. It provides her the extra superpowers she needs to triumph against the new neighbor boy’s dumb ways, who lives with his family in the unmentionable place. This delightful narrative bursts with character development, creative imagination, magical wonders, and steadfast faith.

It’s a lovely story that teaches youngsters to value their individuality and God-given gifts, which can detour a bully in another direction. Shumalady teaches children that being different does not mean they should not be loved, accepted, or adored by others. Furthermore, children learn that standing toe to toe with a bully, equipped with self-love and God-given skills, is a sure fire way to stop a bully in his/her tracks.

“Shumalady’s Butterfly Tree” is a delightful collection of brilliant, colorful pictures that, without a doubt, captures the imaginations and interests of both children and adults. The author’s sing-song writing style is enthralling, making it an enjoyable and motivating read for everybody. Shumalady should be in every household and library.

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“Shumalady’s Butterfly Tree”

Author: Alecia F. Thurston

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2022

Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:

Alecia Frances Thurston – published author, educator, wife, mother, and nani – has been using her God-given talents of writing, designing and storytelling since childhood; all of which have contributed to the development of a most unusual woman. Mrs. Thurston’s enviable ability to stay connected with the child within makes for a best bestie for kids; why not? she’s a grown-up kid herself, hanging on to that child part until she’s 90+. Future projects are: “Downs and Ups – Ups and Downs,” a children’s book, “Jax Forever King,” a hip hop book for children and “The People Heroes,” a screenplay.