Alander Pulliam And His 2024 Presidential Campaign Has A Small Twist. Alander Pulliam Is Running

Alander Pulliam who was said to back congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene has announced his run for the 2024 Office of President and He doesn’t plan on running to be President but would not declare his reason for running.

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif.May 24, 2021PRLog — Alander Pulliam made a statement on Twitter which was later removed that His 2024 Campaign for the office of the President of the United States isn’t to become President, the question is, what is He running for then? With little to no speculation, we are left to our own devices to determine or assume his agenda. We know that Alander Pulliam is a Christian and He recently was in a few articles concerning his thoughts on Gender Identity and Sexual Preferences. After writing a few books concerning God’s Plan and God’s wrath, He quoted several scriptures in the Bible that spoke out against humanity going against nature and converting truth into lies, only to be comfortable doing all sorts of wickedness, now with this information we are left to assume that He is going to try to convince the world to repent, bringing a jewish Doctrine to a world were Jewish people are despised. Lately we have seen people with little to no experience in politics take a pledge to run for office, the only difference in this case, he doesn’t have experience and he is not revealing his agenda for running for the office of the US President.

A few months back during the attempted removal of Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene, Alander Pulliam was said to give her $15,000 in donations which was above the amount that you could donate to a political party. Also there was an phone call that took place with Alander Pulliam discussing his thoughts on the LGBTQ Community, Alander Pulliam stated that He did not care about the community as far as what they do, but when Government is condoning it just for pandering reasons, knowing that it opposes God and increases confusion within the young generation, turning unnatural into natural is a disgrace and it is a lie.

There is not much personal information concerning his personal life but he is said to be a Entertainment mogul and Investor. With a Net Worth on most sites showing at $6 Million Dollars, while on some Net Worth sites showing $9 Million, either way he is the Millionaire supporting the Quanon Theories and the backing of Majorie Taylor Greene. Since Alander Pulliam didn’t reveal much concerning his 2024 Presidential Campaign we revealed some of his talking points and thoughts, doesn’t seem like he is fit for office, especially bringing his personal religious beliefs and his Anti-LGBTQ perspectives which will cause more division and increase more backlash in the LGBTQ community. We don’t need another Christian running the country, we need a real leader and Alander Pulliam may be a leader in his world but the world is much bigger than his small perspective. (…) (…) ( (