Agility, Innovation and Transparency are Keys to Optimize NSP Success in Markets Across Americas

Eric Rutter, Technicolor

Eric Rutter, Technicolor

ATLANTAJan. 6, 2022PRLog — Rising consumer expectations have collided with supply chain disruptions to redefine how network service providers (NSPs) bring compelling value propositions to market. While cutting-edge product developments on the customer premises equipment (CPE) front once provided an opportunity for NSPs to secure a competitive differentiation, it has become clear that a more comprehensive view of innovation will be required to improve their market position through 2022 and beyond.

Supply-chain constraints, for instance, have generated serious challenges for NSPs seeking to meet customer demands. Critical component shortages and logistical disruptions have hampered the flow of goods and services through the value-chain, putting pressure on decision-makers to continue accelerating the introduction and deployment of new exciting customer experiences, despite challenges on the global logistics front.

“Success — and out-of-the-box thinking — in this volatile environment will hinge on understanding the underlying long-term trends while managing the more immediate short-term forces that will impact the market through 2022 and 2023,” says Eric Rutter, President of the Americas for Technicolor Connected Home. “Effectively navigating these intricacies will be critical for network service providers serving connected home markets across the region.”

The connected home has become an integral part of today’s work environment. As consumers and employers adapt to on-again, off-again shelter-in-place requirements, NSPs across the region are gearing up to address growing demands for speed and bandwidth over low latency networks.

“Strategic investments in new technologies and business processes will support the elevated role of the connected home in the daily lives of consumers for years to come,” adds Rutter. “These trends are driving unprecedented — and constantly evolving — demands for new services and experiences that are based on high levels of network performance.”

Navigating the Roadmap for a Fractured Supply Chain

While the global economic recovery has not quite reached pre-pandemic levels, the industry is improving the design, development, and deployment of the products and services consumers want in today’s volatile environment.

“Technicolor has embraced the principles of continuity, agility, resilience, and transparency (CART) into every relationship that we have with customers and suppliers,” says Rutter, adding “The central strategic focus for service providers in 2022 will be to continue designing value propositions around enhanced experiences that meet changing customer expectations.”

But offering a greater variety of services requires more resources to manage. As customer demand for content and entertainment services across the Americas continues to grow, NSPs will need to balance customer guidance to navigate the complexity of content requirements with optimizing the performance of devices over residential wireless networks.

“NSPs are investing in network and CPE upgrades that address consumer demands for more reliable high-speed access to the home and low-latency wireless coverage throughout the home,” says Rutter. “The new generation of CPE — which accommodates the growing array of capabilities from many different ecosystem partners — provides NSPs with an opportunity to offer managed services to address ensuing intricacies associated with the growing complexity of traffic, devices and content offerings.”

Building a More Open Tomorrow Today

While customers throughout the region are price-sensitive, they have demonstrated an appetite — and willingness to pay — for better experiences. The question is: how can this be offered effectively and profitably?

“Bandwidth has become a commodity,” warns Rutter. “It is now table stakes for operators hoping to remain competitive in today’s market. But access is a finite game. Providers that fail to evolve through managed services will face challenges in enhancing the customer experience.  Beyond lowering prices, NSPs have few competitive alternatives to hanging on to customers in a saturated market.”

The answer, says Rutter, lies in open systems, automation and advanced analytics. NSPs that invest in innovation, diagnostics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning will be able to address the shifting needs of customers without overspending. Providers that fail to keep pace are going to be left behind.

“The only way to navigate this environment is by adopting a comprehensive strategy of innovation across all operations,” adds Rutter. “The status quo will not help accomplish future objectives. All assumptions have to be challenged in delivering value to the evolving needs of consumers throughout the region. At Technicolor Connected Home, the efforts that we put into developing new CPE are matched by our efforts to find new ways of ensuring that products make it to market at the right time, the right place and at the right price.”

While the industry continues to deal with a complex supply chain, the industry cannot afford to let the urgent distractions of today disrupt the focus on bringing new, exciting value-propositions to market.

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Organisational Agility, Leadership Transformation, Employee Engagement help DBS, Olam International to be Kincentric Regional Best Employers 2021 in APAC

DBS and Olam International Limited have been named as Regional Best Employers in 2021 for the Asia Pacific region, according to Kincentric’s premium assessment that identifies organisations who demonstrate outstanding people practices and workplace excellence.

DHL Express (Middle East), The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company and Intact Financial Corporation (North America) and Marriott Vacations Worldwide (Europe) are among the other regional Kincentric Best Employers, after getting recognized in multiple markets.

Among the Regional Best Employers in APAC, DBS has been recognised as a Best Employer across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA. Olam International Limited has been identified as a Best Employer across Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

Kincentric Best Employers assessment looks at organisational excellence across critical people factors – employee engagement, organisational agility, engaging leadership and talent focus – leveraging the most objective measure possible – employee opinion. It identifies firms that demonstrate excellence in the workplace, by creating differentiated employee experiences and agile, inclusive cultures leading to stronger, more sustainable business results.

Stephen Hickey, Regional Leader for APAC at Kincentric said, “We are in the midst of a talent evolution that’s shaping the future of work. Kincentric’s Regional Best Employers have worked towards achieving greater Employee Engagement, Organisational Agility, Talent Focus and Engaging Leadership. Research shows that they are differentiating through people practices, retaining key talent and leadership transformation.”

According to Kincentric employee research data, only 5 in 10 employees feel their organization is attracting or retaining the people they need to achieve business goals; 11 percentage point declines in favourable perceptions of senior leaders demonstrating care and concern for employees; and only 55% of employees seeing strong career development opportunities for high performers.

Globally there is increased talent mobility, greater difficulty for organisations to attract and retain the talent they need, challenges in giving people the work / life balance they desire, and many leaders struggling to paint a clear vision for the future of their company that is inspiring, engaging and motivating. Given the present challenges around talent retention, employees who do not see good career opportunities and organization’s response to their well-being are four times more likely to leave.

The Kincentric Best Employers 2021 marks 21 years of the Best Employers program. The brand has evolved since starting as Hewitt Best Employers, becoming Aon Hewitt Best Employers to Aon Best Employers and since 2019 to Kincentric Best Employers.

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