Cloud NFT is an ecosystem called to allow users to conduct all the operations with non-fungible tokens within one interface. It includes wallet for NFT storage, built-in exchange, cross-chain aggregator and business API.

Roadmap of the project says that team is going to release several versions of Cloud NFT business API, NFT wallet, aggregator, NFT trading on built-in exchange and integrate Solana and Polygon by the end of 2022.

Among the main features of the project there are user-friendly design, users onboarding, presence of all the necessary for operations with NFTs tools, as well as zero gas fees for operations with non-fungible tokens within the system. Developers also compensate part of the gas spent on the migration of NFTs to the project ecosystem in CLOUD tokens.

“We initially set ourselves the goal to create an infrastructure project that could become the basis for the further development of the NFT industry. Discussing our project with market leaders at conferences, we came to the conclusion that the market needs systematization and convenient tools. The success of our tokensale has confirmed that these messages awake an echo in the hearts of the community. We stick to our goals and move according to the initial plan.”- Peter Bel, CEO of Cloud NFT.

About Company

Cloud NFT is a cross-chain platform that allows to design, mint, exchange, and store unique NFTs with zero gas fees. Company was founded by founder of Byzantium marketing consulting agency Peter Bel and Aleksei Korobeynikov blockchain solutions architect and R&D Engineer with more than more 30 successfully delivered projects. Cloud NFT was awarded by CSS Design Awards in three nominations and as “Guru of the day” by Web Guru Awards. Earlier team announced partnership with 4ire labs and preented them as technical backers.

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