African-American Singer-Songwriter “Doblx” Releases Salsa Music in Spanish

 The American singer Leo Wilson, known as “Doblx,” was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is an American singer who recently ventured into the Latin market after he moved to Colombia and fell in love with its culture and music. The singer is releasing his newest single titled, “Hoy,” a salsa song that encourages others to take a day and enjoy life, something we all need during these difficult times. The song is the perfect remedy for millions of people, as the recent pandemic has had a great impact on people’s daily lives and many are struggling to survive as a result.

The singer has been studying salsa music carefully in order to create this masterpiece. He found inspiration through a web series posted by Marc Anthony that gave him a glimpse into the musical process of Marc Anthony and Sergio George. With a limited budget, Doblx managed to record and produce this entire song at his home in Miami, FL with the help of his Colombian-born wife.

The music video shows the beautiful landscapes of Kenya, Africa and the African people. These visual aspects complement the song as it features beautiful and harmonious voices of the African people perfectly fused together with salsa music. The singer has not only created an inspirational song that will shock the Latin community, but also a cultural movement that shows we are all human no matter where we are from and music is the universal language.

Doblx has also started a fundraiser on the official music video for the song “Hoy” to help African children live a better life and most importantly, enjoy their lives. The fundraiser is collected by the non-profit organization “Back To Africa” and all donated proceeds go directly to the cause.

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