Author Addie L. Chavis Pens an Inspiring Memoir set in the 1940s in the book, Laurina’s Quest for Her Roots


In this riveting story of struggle and survival, Addie L. Chavis takes her readers into a one-of-a-kind memoir told through the eyes of Laurina.


The book is a crash course on history that takes the readers back to the 1940s when the war has just ended, and immigrants are finding America as a land of milk and honey, rife with opportunities. Laurina is a little girl who grow up under the care of her mother and step-father who was a military man. Laurina, although provided with her basic needs and other luxuries, still longed to see her biological father. Her desire only grew when her step-father attempted to sexually assault her multiple times and tried to bribe her so he can get her to bed.


One day, her wish became a reality when her father asked her to come to visit him in Boston. The visit resulted in her living with her father, stepmother, and step-sister. Although things are starting to look up, it was just a part of her journey.


Addie will lead us through the pains and struggles of failed marriage, becoming a single-parent, and making ends meet. She paints a picture of a loving mother who will do everything to support and raise her children right and give them a bright future. Addie will make us go through Laurina’s journey in this heart-tugging yet inspiring book.


On top of these, Addie will educate readers on the tedious process of tracing genealogies and structuring family trees in a day and age where computers aren’t that advanced yet, and archives, old papers, books, and records are what you can rely on. The results of her genealogy search gave her a sense of worth and helped her become a strong self-reliant person.


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Laurina’s Quest for Her Roots

Author: Addie L. Chavis

Publisher: Xlibris

Published Date: November 15, 2011

Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


About the Author:

Addie Lee Chavis was born in Louisiana in 1940. This book is dedicated to my children, grandchildren and future generations. The names of the people in the book have been changed to protect their privacy. Laurina in Search of her Roots is an account of her life and the search of her genealogy.