Canada – Statement from the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions on National Addictions Awareness Week 


Minister Bennett highlights National Addictions Awareness Week and raises awareness to help change the conversation around addictions.

November 21, 2021 | Ottawa, ON | Health Canada

The Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Carolyn Bennett, issued the following statement:

“This week is National Addictions Awareness Week. As the first federal Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, I am committed to working with partners to enhance supports for those struggling with addictions and to reduce the stigma.

People use substances for many reasons including previous trauma. No one chooses to develop an addiction or be harmed by substance use.

Addiction is a complex but treatable medical condition that causes changes in your brain. Recovery is possible with appropriate culturally safe and trauma-informed care and it looks different for everyone.

Canadians living with addiction often face stigma, discrimination and judgment, which can result in feelings of isolation and create barriers to getting help for substance-use related challenges.

You can help reduce stigma by educating yourself and others with facts and challenging stereotypes, being aware of your own attitudes and behaviours, and by being respectful, compassionate and caring to people who use substances.

Challenging stigma is a critical step that can make it easier for people who use substances to seek support and, in turn, help save lives.”

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, P.C., M.P.

Ani Dergalstanian

Office of the Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions


Media Relations

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