Cornbread Hemp Celebrates the Holidays with Legal CBD Gummies

Continuing Kentucky’s legacy of delivering high-quality CBD products.

This holiday season, don’t miss out on hemp gummies and other CBD products made by Cornbread Hemp to the standards of the USDA organic program. These legal hemp products are available for shipment to all 50 states and US territories from Cornbread Hemp’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

From their beginning in 2019, the founders of Cornbread Hemp have been on a mission to improve their customers’ quality of life with Flower-Only™, certified organic CBD gummies, CBD oils, and more.

In just the past month, Cornbread Hemp’s gummies have been featured in Food & Wine, Bloomberg News, The Independent and more. This says so much not just about the gummies but for the brand as well, since credible organizations recognize them to be worthy of the attention that they are gaining in the market. So, it really is a great idea to have these gummies as holiday gifts because of their high quality that guarantees customer satisfaction.

At Cornbread Hemp, quality is one of their priorities as they will never sacrifice their products just to have a cheaper and faster production. They want to make sure that their customers will always be happy with what they are offering and receive excellent customer service too. This definitely resonates with how this brand was founded when two cousins from Kentucky created Cornbread Hemp, the very first USDA certified organic, Flower-Only™ CBD brand in America. What sets their brand apart is they use the whole plant for their products. Particularly, Cornbread Hemp uses only hemp flowers for better potency and product purity.

Following more than 250 years of Kentucky hemp tradition, this family-owned CBD brand continues to make a difference by upholding excellence and producing nothing but the best CBD products on the market.

In particular, they are well known for their CBD gummies, which are made with real organic fruit and other USDA organic ingredients. There’s no corn syrup or artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives. It is the highest quality vegan and gluten-free CBD gummy on the market this holiday season.

Apart from their gummies, Cornbread Hemp also offers certified organic CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD capsules, CBD oil for pets, and apparel. So, why settle for low-quality, mass-produced CBD products when there are high-quality, USDA certified organic, Flower-Only™ CBD available at Cornbread Hemp?

To improve your loved ones quality of life, get them the gift of the best CBD products in America from Cornbread Hemp. For more information, check out their website at

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About Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp is a family-owned company founded by Eric Zipperle and his cousin, Jim Higdon. They offer high-quality, USDA certified organic, Flower-Only™ CBD products to set the industry standard and improve their customers’ quality of life.