Below is the article for the topic “which colour matches the best with red (Colour combinations with red for Valentines)” by Punam Kalra, Creative Director at I’M, The Centre for Applied Arts.

With love in the air & around ,the best expression would be in red. Red in any form is an epitome of love , vitality & glamour. Best time for a makeover as an expression for mutual love is on Valentine, give your decor a makeover by adding interesting colours.

There are many shades that blend well with red. According to Punam Kalra, Creative director at I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts, the best colours that enhance the charisma of the place can be –

1. Cream – Creamy whites can contrast well with a striking shade of red in your living rooms. The creamy white mellows out popping, cherry red with a sophisticated, easiness.

2. Haze – A hazy, lazy room filled with modern touches look chicer and cleaner with a bright pop of red hidden in some subtle places. It is a unique way of decorating for the special day.

3. Grass –You can match a sharp, cherry red with grassy green and still create something fashion-forward and in-style. It holds a tangible charm and quirky inhibition.

4. Plum – Red and plum can create a very sultry and desirable look. Extremely chic & present go for this look if you want to create a real difference.

5. Navy – A classic shade of navy can also balance and mellow a richer red. This room has a pinch of peppy, nautical appeal and is also super stylish and young.

6. Fuchsia – For a layered, monochromatic look, use tonal shades that provide depth to the room. Red and fuchsia tones come out with a sophisticated finish.

Don’t give the whole house the makeover. You just need to add these colours in your room through different methods like adding furniture components, new drapes, a textured wall, lamps and tables, rugs and cushions to make your room look new, romantic and fresh.