Pet Strap is modern time best solution for packing and best alternate of steel taps, Stainless taps are hard to handle as compare to Pet Strap tapes, pet straps Improves productivity because it is six times lighter than steel for a given length. It also consumes less storage space and substantially reduces manual labor.
Pet Strap is also very safe for use as compare to steel one, Pet Strap Does not ‘Whiplash’ when removed, has no sharp edges and so there is no risk of injuries, thus creating a safer work environment for user.
Virtually unaffected by weather and harsh environment. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and holds tension even in extreme temperature and humidity.
To manufacture best quality pet strap tape one need to purchase the best quality Pet Strap Extrusion Plant which is manufactured with latest technology to provide strength to pet strap and maintenance free production. For long life of pet strap extrusion plant company needs to use best quality parts in extrusion plant also you need find a company which can provide support after sell for long time and on time as production line should not be disturbed for long time.
There is a pet strap extrusion plant manufacturer in India which is best fit for your requirements for Pet Strap Extrusion Line, Pet Strap Extruder Machine the name of company is AAWADKRUPA PLASTOMECH PVT. LTD . Pet Strap Extrusion Plant also known as Plastic Strap Extrusion Plant, Plastic Strapping Band Extrusion Plant, Plastic Strapping Band Machinery, Pet Strap Plant Exporter In India.
AAWADKRUPA PLASTOMECH PVT. LTD. (APPL) is one of the leading company based at western part of India at the vibrant state of Gujarat in Bhavnagar. Company was founded by two brothers with aim to make a mark in plastic extrusion line industry and today company stands tall in the market because of their vision and hard work of last 2 decades.

Finish good product with extra strength & shining to Tape by our PET Strap Extrusion Plant.
Heavy duty structure.
Fully synchronized plant with master control.
Individual printing station for straps.
Replacement of metal Strap.
Longer life of screw & barrel in our Extruder, material of Screw & Barrel Nitried alloys or Bimetallic.
PLC & HMI Controller System in extruder.
Latest technology used to come out plastic granules melts smoothly by Extruder.
Less power consumption.
High production capacity in PET Strap Extrusion Plant.
Features can be used easily.
Embossing system available.
Dehumidified Air Dryer with Crystallizer.

Comes in four different models
1. APPL/PET-70 MM AC production capacity 100 kgs.
2. APPL/PET-85 MM AC production capacity 190 kgs.
3. APPL/PET-110 mm AC production capacity 350 kgs.
4. APPL/PET-130 mm AC production capacity 550 kgs.

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