A Child Support Scam seems to be plaguing the East Point GA, of Fulton County Child Support Office. Approved and assisted by Office Manager Tambria McLaurin. Victims claim that they visited the Child Support Office in attempts to place ‘deadbeat dads’ on Child Support and was turned away by the Office Manager herself. Ms. Tambria Mc.Laurin is being accused of assisting fathers in a Child Support Scam. Victims say they when they went to apply for assistance they were ordered to take a standard Paternity Test in order to establish Child Support. But when the Non-Custodial Parent/Father was ordered to take the DNA test, they were not sent to the same external testing facility as the mothers. And in fact, the general guidelines of testing were not enforced to the fathers. Allowing decoys to wear disguises and imitate the actual father! They were ultimately allowed to infiltrate the facility by sending in a friend or family member in their place, by simply carrying the fathers ID. When the mothers complained to the office manager, after seeing the photo of the “father”/man that had been tested, they Immediately did not recognized the person that was supposedly the father on the picture. When they brought this to the attention of Office Manager Ms. Tambria McLaurin, Shockingly, they were told that it was in fact the father! Apparently the Office of Child Support knows the biological father(s) more than the actual mother(s) themselves. The Office Manager proceeded to tell the victims/mothers that there’s nothing that can be done, and closed their cases, to not be opened again, and without question or investigation into the matter. After several complaints to the Local, State, and Federal Child Support Enforcement, along with the governor, consumers affairs, Channel 5’s iTeam, and the FBI, an initial internal investigation was established regarding the proper procedures that should’ve been followed, in instances like these. They are also investigating the possibility of involvement of the East Point, Georgia Child Support Office Manager Ms.Tambria McLaurin. Ms. Mc.Lauren may have knowingly and intentionally assisted the fathers to defraud the Child Support System for a possible small financial gain. That part is still unclear and has not been ruled out at this point. However, mothers seem to think that’s the case behind the matter. At least one victim was briefly interviewed by Fox 5 News iTeam with questions, and they received their answers. To stay updated on the case please follow and like our page on Twitter @ScamChild