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Abu Dhabi, UAE (25.03.2019) – The ongoing Syrian Civil War has rendered millions of people homeless who have fled to other countries like Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon and have taken shelter in various refugee camps set up in these countries. Higher education for the younger people seems to be a distant dream for these refugees who are more concerned in receiving basic human needs and healthy living conditions for themselves. But young refugees in the Jordanian-Emirati camp in Jordan can look forward to receive quality University education through the unified efforts of various parties who are collaborating to provide the same to them.

Renowned international Swiss humanitarian non-governmental organization SIHO/UniRef has collaborated with Isra University and Jordan Red Crescent for providing a form of Higher Education to more than 750,000 refugees in the Jordanian-Emirati camp where the curriculum has been suitably adapted to the meet their needs and is in Arabic. The financial aid for such a commendable project has been provided by Al Badie Group, a corporate organization whose CEO and vice president Mr. Khaled Al Badie has himself executed the funding.

The international background of the project has led to world-class teaching in classrooms inside the camp which are being directly supervised by university professors and instructors. The Ministry of Higher Education will be providing diplomas at the end of these university programs. Students participating in the program have the option of completing a one year University Education in either Computer Science or Mobile Engineering or Logistic Management. Moreover, collaboration with Jordan Red Crescent has enabled UniRef to offer an 18 month vocational training programs in various subjects ranging from First Aid to Violent Prevention.

About SIHO/UniRef University Education
SIHO/UniRef has partnered with Jordan Red Crescent and Isra University to provide quality University Education to more than 750,000 refugees settled in the Jordanian-Emirati camp in Jordan. The financial aid for this massive project is being provided by corporate house Al Badie Group.

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