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Xandros Restaurant
Al Thanaya 1, Barsha Heights
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Xandros Restaurant integrates its Greek-inspired flavours to the international cuisine in Dubai. It is an exciting time of the restaurant as they have opened their doors to guests in the region, both residents and visitors. The restaurant honours traditional Greek cuisine by offering their guests wholesome cooking made with fresh ingredients.

The kitchen prepares authentic Greek food and specialties, with an array of diverse and rich dishes that are a culmination of Greek meals that are not only inviting but allows restaurant goers to take a trip back in history.

The atmosphere is cozy and guests are surrounded by authentic Mediterranean dishes that are warm and welcoming any time of the day.

Xandros Restaurant goes to great length to showcase their specialties to keep up with the style of Greek cuisine. They aim to present it differently, to combine something that is modern but bring back something from the past to add a touch of nostalgia to the dishes.

The restaurant team promises their guests an authentic Greek experience that offers a traditional menu. The dining spot offers an affordable menu, charming interiors, friendly ambiance and the best of Greek eats.

“Guests can order their favourite dishes for take-away”. “We are proud to combine Greek-inspire cuisine to Xandros Restaurant that provides a fresh Greek experience that is starting out in Dubai. We want to welcome all our guests, dine-in and take-away that plan to come into the restaurant from here onwards”, says the restaurant owner of Xandros.

About Xandros
Xandros Restaurant features made to order authentic Greek cuisine using only fresh products and the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy outstanding hospitality at Xandros. To make a booking or for more information, visit our website on