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If you are adept in building simple and basic model rockets, chances are that you are looking for tougher challenges in the rocketry world. However, with all the knowledge that you have a gained, you can now easily transition to advanced rocketry. Today, we discuss 3 advanced model rocket designs that you can begin with:

* You can try building staged rockets. They are usually a step ahead of basic rocket models. Not only do these rockets have double the amount of motors but are also fun to build. Staged rockets can be explained as model rockets that have two or more engines to power them up. While being stacked on one another, these engines are also fired in succession. The roles of these motors are to act as booster and the second motor does the work of ignition and procession.

* The second advanced rocketry models that you can try are cluster kits. The cluster kit rocket model types usually have more than one engine that is lit simultaneously. Cluster kits are usually seen in arrangements of 2, 3, or 4. These clusters can be arranged side by side, in tight groups or designed in cluster kits. However, if you are building your first cluster rocket kit, it is advised that you keep the motor limit to a maximum of 4.

* The third rocketry model that you can try out is the helicopter kit. Helicopter kits can also be considered as recovery systems used for rocket models. The recovery system that comes attached with model rockets is not a parachute but blades that spin when the rocket is lowered to the ground. The blades can be either attached inside or on the outside of the kit before launching the rocket. This is one interesting advanced rocketry model that you can try out.

These are the three advanced model rocketry that you can try and take that next step toward progression. If you are looking for advanced rocketry model kits, visit our website at