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Muva Technologies is top on the list of mobile solution developers in Kenya. The company offers Mpesa integration as a core service to its clients. The demand for the service has been increasing over the years because of the growing popularity of the Mpesa payment method. Kenyan entrepreneurs are offering their clients the convenience on Mpesa payments for online, app, and physical purchases.

In the last quarter of 2018, Safaricom launched the M-pesa Global initiative. The goal is to enable million of registered customers to send and receive money abroad. The East African countries included in the initiate were Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. Mpesa customers can also send money to all parts of the world through Western Union and bank accounts.

Safaricom has partnered with many money transfer services across the globe to enable customer send and receive money via Mpesa. Some of these services include World Remit, Skrill, XendPay, mHits, Azimo, and Sky Forex among others. One of the advantages of these services is that customers receive money in their country’s currency. For the East African customers, each country has a specific USSD code for sending money to Kenya.
It is no longer possible to offer web designs services in Kenya without Mpesa integration. A recent partnership with Ali Express has changed the way Kenyans import products from China. The global market place is among the most popular online stores. A significant percentage of the imports to Kenya come from the Chinese market, especially the low end market. Enabling customers to pay for such products in Kenya shillings via

Mpesa is a great relief for traders.
Ali Express is currently offering the Mpesa payment option for app in-purchases. The decision is not new to Kenyan buyers since mobile money is the most common payment method in mobile apps. As a mobile apps design company in Kenya, Muva receives many requests every month from app and website owners to add the mobile payment features in their solutions.

The moves by Safaricom and other mobile banking services to international markets are focused on business. However, the strategies are affecting the world of web design and apps development. Local business owners are quick to adopt latest trends and offer the same convenience to their clients as international companies. Muva continues to lead developers in offering solutions to local entrepreneurs that enable them to compete in the global market.
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