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Elision Technolab LLP, more popularly known as Elision, is a leading VoIP company. The company offers the best call center solution which is developed with the top features. The call center solution is known as Dialshree and it supports all different modes of communication, dialers and call routing rules. Their call center software is used by the top banks, government organizations, automobile companies and top enterprises worldwide. One of the representatives of the company has announced to offer a high availability solution for the call center solutions.

The company offers the high availability setup for all different types of call center solutions available in the market. Also, this high availability solution can setup for the VICIDial: Open Source Call Center Solution,

The High Availability Call Center Solution assures that the call center operations always stay up and running even in case of failure. The setup of the high availability assures that within a timeframe of one or two minutes, the agents can resume the work in case the primary system gets failed.

The company sets up the High Availability Call Center Solution with three different types of provisions based on the need and preference of the companies. Below are the available three High Availability models for their call center software, Dialshree:

• 1+1 Redundancy for High Availability Call Center Solution
• N+1 Redundancy High Availability Call Center Solution
• N+N Redundancy High Availability Call Center Solution

“This High Availability solution setup creates a secondary setup for media, data and signaling servers. This is called the redundancy of the servers or secondary servers. When the primary server fails due to any reason, the operations may get down for just one minute or two minutes and then switch it over to the secondary server. This transfer of operations on the secondary server is quicker and seamless. The agents or callers would never get to know the whole transfer process and they will feel all the operations are going on as it is. This is an automated failover recovery solution and doesn’t need any human intervention in the process of switchover. Thus, it is more reliable and faster than the process which needs a human engineer to switch the operations from one server to another. We have experienced engineers who deploy the High Availability Call Center Solution based on the customer need and this is one of the must have setup in the call center industry to assure up and running operations”, shared spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

The company has also shared a technical blog on their official website to showcase more details and benefits of the High Availability solution which can be provisioned for any VoIP system. The company has successfully provisioned the High Availability Call Center Solution for some of their customers who use their proprietary call center software, called, Dialshree. The company has made an announcement to provision this type of high availability system for any open source or third party call center solution. To know more about the High Availability Call Center Solution, please visit