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Summary: The following press release is written to provide information about the Thailand Service Corps organization, which whom you may join to serve for the humanity.

It’s true that we all work for earning money for taking care of our family’s expenses and even living a luxury life. But at times, our inner soul calls us to do something through which we can serve the needy people and bringing a little more happiness in their lives. Even then, many people refrain from it with an excuse that they not find any opportunity to volunteer Thailand. For them, an easier way is to associate with some no-profit and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which usually coordinates for creating such opportunities and arranging funds and other required resources. This way, in case you like to volunteer for some good cause, you can either provide funds or time to support such NGOs.

In case you are looking forward to supporting such an NGO in Thailand, you may reach out at the Thailand Service Corps group. We plan and execute different non-profitable projects like to volunteer in Buddhism. Our projects include providing internship and volunteer participation courses for the individuals in Thailand who could not afford good education. Through our efforts, they are provided with an opportunity to work in the multinational firms located abroad. We primarily work in the sectors of education, healthcare, and promoting the good thoughts of Buddhism across various regions of the country and other nations. Our major projects are based in Kanchanaburi, which is the third-largest province of Thailand. In Kanchanaburi, we mainly work with the Thailand-based doctors to help them treat their patients.

Since English is one of the most spoken languages across the globe and is accepted as the global professional language. So, we teach English to the orphans and other students belonging to the weaker economic background so that they could pursue professional courses for developing their career in various well-famed organizations of the world. Additionally, we teach English to the Buddhist monks, so that they could take the word of Buddhism and meditation across multiple nations of the world. If you reside in Kanchanaburi or nearby areas and are interested in helping us in our missions, you can approach us for helping with volunteer vacations.

Contact Us:
Thailand Service Corps
10924 Walden Pond Lane. El Paso, TX 79934
Telephone: TSC President, Bruce Houser 1-915-249-2903