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New York, USA – Gong Cha Franchise is at it again this month, as they now have come up with yet another brand new Boba Tea series. It was recently added to their tasty and mouth watering collection/menu of the very best Boba Tea drinks in the world!

According to the President of, Anchal Lamba, “Gong Cha Franchise is now gifting you all with the new, savory Strawberry Delight series, which is already making a wave, as the new series is becoming more popular and loved with each passing day.”

Gong Cha’s new Strawberry Delight Series consists of five very different drinks, that are all incredibly satisfying! These drinks were made to fit an array of moods.

Below you’ll find these delicious Strawberry Delight Boba Tea beverages listed:

• Strawberry Milk Slush
• Strawberry Matcha Latte
• Strawberry Lemonade
• Oreo Strawberry Milk Tea
• Strawberry Taro

Anchal says, “As you can see, Gong Cha Franchise has once again, gone above and beyond with new creations and variations of Bubble Tea. It really is no wonder why Gong Cha Bubble Tea is the best Boba Tea in the world and why people in over 50 countries love Gong Cha Milk tea drinks so much!”

In fact, here’s some concrete proof that Gong Cha does not only make the best Bubble Tea drinks in the entire planet, but that they are also, very sassy and creative. Gong Cha Franchise has created and added another new delight to their menu that you might want to try out with the new, Strawberry Delight Boba Tea drinks…

Gong Cha tea shops are currently making Strawberry flavored Tapioca Pearls! Isn’t this one of the most fantastical things that has happened to Gong Cha Bubble Tea? Well, there’s only one way to find out – go to your nearest Gong Cha Boba Tea shop and treat yourself to a Strawberry Delight Bubble Tea with Gong Cha’s all new Strawberry flavored Tapioca Pearls!

We can’t recommend it enough, as we have never seen fresher, tastier and aesthetical Tapioca Pearls!

About Gong Cha:

Gong Cha was initially founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Gong Cha means “Tribute tea for the emperor”. Gong Cha is a successful Bubble Tea Franchise. Gong Cha has tea shops locations all around the world and many locations in the USA, which include New York, New Jersey, Texas and Massachusetts.

Gong Cha believes and takes pride in serving quality Bubble Tea. Their teas are blended with an array of fruits, toppings and some very creative and delicious mixes.

They take pride in offering their customers freshly brewed teas and ingredients at all times. Teas and Tapioca Pearls are refreshed every four hours to ensure that all customers have a fresh Bubble Tea beverages.


To learn more about Gong Cha’s latest Strawberry Delight Bubble Tea series or the new and delicious Strawberry flavored Tapioca pearls or if you have any other inquiries you may want to reach out to the best Bubble Tea Franchise in the world!. Please contact Gong Cha at:

Gong Cha USA

75 West 38th Street,
Greater New York City Area
New York, NY, USA