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Located on the western coast of India and forming an integral part of network of metropolitan cities of India, Mumbai is a thriving business centre. Known commonly as the business capital of India, Mumbai boasts of a wealth of opportunities when it comes to urbanisation, industrialisation as well as economic growth. It is the prime hub of communication and finance in the country and has the third largest stock exchange in the world. Billions of rupees are traded here every day which open up immense opportunities for millions of people working here. It is known to be the busiest and largest ports of the country and handles foreign trade.

Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport is an important international airport which connects Mumbai to all parts of the world.

Talking about Mumbai cannot be completed unless you mention Bollywood. It is the major source of income in Mumbai for millions of people.

All such important factors contribute to make Mumbai one of the most important spot for corporate travellers looking for lucrative business opportunities. Hence, catering to this particular class of people has been made easy by several corporate hotels that offer world class modern amenities and services which ensure a successful business trip along with a luxurious stay. These hotels are mostly located in prime business centres of the city and at the same time in close proximity to the airport which makes it convenient for a business traveller.

Business Hotels Mumbai – Facilities

Business hotels in Mumbai offer their guests the perfect blend of luxury and service with unbeatable efficiency. One of the most important feature of these hotels is their well trained and highly motivated team of staff who are sensitive to the specific needs of the guest and offer attentive services that you will find nowhere else. Whether you are here for an important client meeting, or conducting a workshop, managing a conference or a training session or merely here to crack a business deal, corporate hotels in Mumbai can help you customise their amenities and facilities to suit your specific needs making your agenda successful.

Most hotels have their own meeting rooms and conference halls that are well equipped with state of the art presentation facilities and internet access to ensure your conference runs smoothly. Guests can also request and avail audio visual equipment, video conferencing and many other round the clock services.

Hotels near Mumbai Airport

To add to the convenience of business travellers, there are various Mumbai airports which offer a luxurious stay and world class business amenities. Located in close proximity to the airport makes them a convenient and preferred choice for business travellers. These hotels also offer a wide range of business centric facilities to ensure your hotel works like an office away from office.

Most b2b travel agents in India like have a wide array of Mumbai hotels that suit and fit the needs of business class. We provide Mumbai hotels at best possible price and these hotels are available for traveller with any budget.