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CAST is an industry leader in developing GNSS/INS simulation systems. They offer top-of-the-line CAST-1000 GNSS Simulation Systems and their engineers will be more than happy to assist clients.

[TEWKSBURY, 03/22/2019] – CAST, an industry leader for developing GNSS/INS simulation systems, offers top-of-the-line, portable CAST-1000 GNSS Simulation Systems. Their engineers will be more than happy to assist clients.

Much like their CAST-2000, the CAST-1000 duplicates GPS RF signals and uses dual frequency signal generation technology. These allow for duplicate testing in the laboratory or the field and real-time or configured control. Unlike the CAST-2000, however, the CAST-1000 is mobile and portable, which makes it the ideal solution for field test requirements.


Producing GPS signals with up to 12 satellites in view, the CAST-1000 simulates signals for satellites of P Code on L1 and L2 and C/A Code on L1. The GPS RF signal is dual frequency and has a 12 channel configuration that allows any combination of visible SVs.

The GPS/GNSS 1000 system is highly programmable and its operators can choose from a vast array of vehicle types and replicate dynamic motion for all kinds of vehicles, from terrestrial to aquatic, airborne to space-based. By utilizing 6-DOF dynamic profile data collected in the field and through profile configuration, a trajectory can be created. The CAST-1000 GNSS Simulation System also features a performance evaluation module, allowing for comparisons between raw and filtered data.

Simulator Features

• Antenna pattern modeling
• Configurable host vehicle parameters
• External Ephemeris and Almanac loading
• External trajectory input
• Full SV constellation editing
• Ionosphere and troposphere simulation
• Maximum 12 Course Acquisition and Precise code SVs on L1 and L2 carrier phases
• Multipath modeling
• Post mission processing
• Satellite clock errors
• Satellite receiver autonomous integrity monitoring events
• Selective availability
• Six degrees of freedom motion generation
• Spoofer simulation
• Time-tagged satellite events
• Waypoint navigation

About CAST

With more than 35 years in the industry, CAST has developed a world-class portfolio of GNSS/INS simulation systems and has earned a reputation as a trusted industry leader with its many major commercial and military clients.

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