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Ajay Sawhney & Associates are reputed Chartered Accountants who offer a variety of services. They specialize in offering services for NRIs.

New Delhi, India, 21st March 2019

Taxes are a big headache for everyone. This is more so for NRIs or Non-Resident Indians. When they invest in India in business, they would be having many queries on how taxes are applicable to them. Planning for taxes for them as individuals and also for their company involves a lot of thought and calculation. Instead of worrying about taxation, they can focus on their core work and allow a professional Chartered accountant to do this for them.

Ajay Swahney & Associates are experts in Non resident Indian taxation. They offer a range of services for NRIs. They help NRI clients with tax planning, calculation of taxes, tax returns filing, payment of taxes, representing the client before tax authorities, and other assistance like obtaining PAN card, filing returns, etc. The partners of the firm are experts in the field of accountancy and are well-versed in tax laws. Their knowledge and rich experience help them to provide the best service to their clients and help them to deal with taxation in an easy way.

They also help in getting Loans for NRI in Delhi. Getting loans for a business project involves a lot of procedures. A project report needs to be made and it needs to be approved before the loan is sanctioned. The bank or financial agency lending money would expect a perfect report. Ajay Sawhney & Associates can help clients create the project report that has all the details the lender needs. They can help NRIs get loans easily thanks to the services they offer.

NRIs can open NRI NRO Accounts in Indian banks. These accounts can be used by NRIs for all their financial transactions when they are in India. Opening NRE NRO Account involves many procedures. Ajay Sawhney & Associates can help NRIs in opening bank accounts and managing all the issues associated with banking. Their services are not restricted to taxation, but includes many others like starting a business, the sale of a business, and foreign investment.

Apart from NRIs, the company also offers services to residents. Whether it is assistance in taxes or in managing a business, Ajay Sawhney & Associates can help clients by providing with legally sound advise and helping them manage all their operations. The firm is preferred by NRIs because of the best services provided by them. Mr. Ajay Sawhney who founded the firm is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India. He also has a CPA qualification that allows him to work effectively for US-based clients. He is also qualified to provide accounting services in Australia.

The team at this firm comprises the best accountants who are experienced and can handle all client work in an effective and timely way. For any requirements related to taxation or accounting, Ajay Sawhney & Associates can be contacted on

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