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Makkala Jagriti in collaboration with Sharada Stree Samaja opened and inaugurated a Hub Learning Centre for children and youth.

~Makkala Jagriti collaborated with Sharada Stree Samaja to open a new “Hub Learning Centre” at Kumara Park East, for children and youth in the neighbouring communities~

Bangalore, March 20th 2019: Makkala Jagriti founded in 2003, with a vision of empowering children and youth, from marginalized communities through a holistic approach of learning, has set up a new learning centre in collaboration with Sharada Stree Samaja; an organisation that primarily focuses on education, with the objective to reach more children and youth from marginalized communities. The new centre aims to create a safe, conducive environment to empower children and youth in all aspects of life, through support and guidance, which will provide them a good sense of direction in life.

Ms. Joy Srinivasan, Founder of Makkala Jagriti: “Makkala Jagriti’s core belief is in inclusion and collaboration towards creating a social movement. We believe this collaboration with Sharada Stree Samaja would benefit many children from marginalised communities .

Ms. Aarti, Sharada Stree Samaja: “Namma makkalu innasthu jaggruka raaga beku (Our children should become a lot more aware).”