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Online exam software is a basic requirement to conduct exam in schools/colleges, universities, for professional courses, in competitive exams, in campus recruitment, in government recruitment also in IT companies. ConductExam is the best solution to conduct exam easily and also it has various platforms like web-based online exam software, computer-based offline test ( user can use without internet connectivity ) also ConductExam provide exam application for mobile/tablet devices. The user can use any platform as per their preference.

Recently, ConductExam comes with the advanced grading and performance system which offers various test analysis modules of questions and answers and also includes the functionality of how much time is taken as a section, how much time taken as a topic, check the difficulty level of the question, comparison with toppers.

Test analysis help to know all the data about total marks, total time, total questions, correct answers / right marks, wrong answers / negative marks, left questions/ left question marks, the graph of question distribution and mark distribution and secured marks after negative marking.

This grading system provides each detail of the test. Each detailing like how much time taken per question. By this functionality of a system, the examiner can judge the student ability to solve the question in test also know about how the question is difficult or easy so in the attempted time module, exam admin can analyze how much time utilized as a productive time and as unproductive time.

In this grading and performance system, the examiner can analyze percentile and percentage and also know the rank with respect to percentile and percentage.

In questions and answers analysis module, exam admin can evaluate all the activity of attempted questions and also evaluate unattempted question, correct and incorrect questions. the time is taken in the section, topics and as a difficulty level, subject wise time distribution and subject wise mark distribution graph, overall percentile graph, topic-wise time distribution, and topic wise mark distribution graph, overall percentile graph.